20 finalists in the US Championship Cheese Contest

Note the separate Smoked Gouda category.

Agree with aging. Cutting aged hard cheese, however, might rob you of the crystal experience.

Well, in since aged Gouda is only semi-hard, and thus the crystals very large, it wouldn’t with some brands, I guess

Flavoured cheese can be interesting, but you are right about Gouda, of course. You just don’t.
But i would skip Gouda for any Scamorza affuminata, anyway.

“Illegal? Then there is a market for it.”

The Welsh Stiltonista probably also cornered that market, delivering from the Socialist Republic of Wales even to Minnesota!

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I gotta get my dad to pick up some cheese from these folks. He doesn’t live all that far away, and if he goes to Appleton, he has to drive through Antigo anyway.


Wondered where you’d disappeared off to. In addition to the cheese hope your visit was a good one.


Seriously, they are worth the detour. Also, check out your local Whole Foods, because they carry about half of these cheesemakers.


Class: Surface (Mold) Ripened Goat’s Milk Cheeses Cypress Grove, Cypress Grove, Arcata, CA, Fresh Goat Cheese

Awwww yeah! Cypress Grove are the only ones on the list I can vouch for. Once Humboldt Fog ripens enough to get a bit runny it is amazing.

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Surprise, I have a little know how when it comes to cheese :grinning:

Wisconsin has some of the best dairy colleges in the world. I know that is an odd turn of phrase.

The yellow color originally came from the bovines diet. These days reputable cheese makers use annatto. I have used dozens of varieties of milk, from store bought, farm bought, raw, and everything in between. The brightest color I could ever get was a mild yellow, similar to Irish cheddar.

The phrase “American cheese” annoys me as much as “freedom fries”. While there are limits to what you can legally sell–i.e. raw milk and the like–the united States has some of the best cheese in the world. Sit down with a Humboldt blue, Stilton, and Roquefort with a blindfold. Heck, Beechers vs. any wheel out of cheddar gorge. Drunken goat vs., I dunno, anything.

The only style we Americans don’t do as well is Swiss, with huge eyes. Propianic bacteria, which is what causes the eyes/holes, is a fiddly thing.


Stilton? From America? I’ll have you know it can only come from Leics, Notts, or Derbys.

(it always amuses me that you can’t make cheese in Stilton and call it Stilton).


You know that I know that I pitted the US, the UK, and France against each other.

Yeah, I am a bear of very little brain and misread anyway.


Ever had white Stilton? Virtually impossible to get in the states.

I’d just like it not to come with fucking mango or apricot in it.


It was, thank you. Seen some beautiful things and met very nice people.


Start reading, and that will give me time to run out to the store for a fresh bottle of pastis.:wink:


::shudders:: Yeah, no, hard pass. I think I’d rather drive to Antigo. It’s only about an 8.5 hour drive, right?


The upside is, from where you are, it’s probably faster to go down than up – right? – so you’d have to go through Chicago to get there!

edited to add:

Without inputting actual addresses,

Detroit to Antigo via 94 (Chicago): 561 miles, 8h36m.
via 75 (da UP): 569 miles, 9h9m.

Chicago, by a whisker! And that even includes getting past 33 current “incidents” (mostly accidents, plus a few construction areas) on that route.

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That is quite true. 8.5 hours going the northern route only gets me to Rhinelander - about 1.5 hours from Antigo. Guess I’ll have to come see you on the way!


Do you mind to pour me one? Helps with reading trough. :wink:

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