20 or more fired at Uber after internal probe into sexual harassment and discrimination

That’s a rather Orwellian requirement. Would you like to be fingerprinted at your job?

Yeah i don’t care. But i understand why others would have objections to it. In my case i need my job and i can’t say that i would walk away just because they wanted to check my prints against a database.

Right, most people do, which is why “requests” from an employer are never voluntary.

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Ask all nurses and doctors in Texas.

Ask any member of the Armed forces.

Lots of jobs require fingerprinting.

Welcome to the Future

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Same for traveling, i have family members that need to supply their prints at the airport when entering the US.

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I don’t know if armed forces is a job, per se, but that’s rather fucked up about nurses and doctors. I mean, why?


I’m just going to leave this damning report involving the top leadership and sexual harassment and discrimination here; because I don’t even know how to snark at it.


makes me glad I’m doing Lyft now. They aren’t quite as evil as Uber, but they align with my values for the most part.

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Lyft is okay. Several people who I have picked up while doing Lyft say they like it better than uber.

Because they are highly trained professionals who handle the health and life of others and you don’t want them to be impersonated by someone unqualified?

How would fingerprinting them help with that?

As a woman who travels frequently for work, I’ve been encouraged to use Uber and other local such services (including Ride Austin – used it several times) by my employer because they are generally cheaper than taxis. It was with no small trepidation that I climbed into a man’s personal car by myself. It may be just as unsafe to climb into a taxi alone, but for whatever reason, it doesn’t feel so. I have no issue with fingerprinting in this case. Uber includes a feature where you can alert someone that you are getting into the car and they can follow your progress to your destination. Again, as a woman who travels alone on the regular, I want fingerprinting, tracking features and anything else that discourages any type of nefarious behavior.

Also, I’ve yet to encounter a female Uber or other similar service driver, and I use these A LOT.



How do you identify someone by their fingerprints in situ?


So someone dressed in scrubs is walking passed you. How does that go?

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I don’t understand what you mean. At all.

I’ll repeat; how do you identify someone by their fingerprints in situ? You see someone, how do you verify them in the moment by their fingerprints in a database?

Let’s be honest; the only reason to collect fingerprints is to manufacture circumstantial evidence against them in criminal proceedings so they can be sucked into the prison-industrial complex as slave labour.

[quote=“namenotreserved, post:39, topic:102257”]
I’ll repeat; how do you identify someone by their fingerprints in situ?[/quote]
By matching their fingerprints to those in the database. What is it that you don’t understand?

Edit: what do you mean by “in situ”? What context are you speaking about?

So again, how do you actually do that? Are you going to have people randomly spot checking the fingerprints of people dressed in scrubs in hospitals?