20 or more fired at Uber after internal probe into sexual harassment and discrimination


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Only 20? I find that number suspiciously small.

On a different note, in Austin Uber and Lyft had been booted by the city because they did not want to comply with requiring fingerprints from the drivers. They just recently started operating again fairly recently, not sure how i feel about them being back here.


“… the company didn’t name the employees who were fired…”

That way they can sneak them back in.


Were the booted execs or just low level peons that can be cut loose?


Uber has a bus?


Does ‘Mahogany Row’ ever get touched?


In a perfect world, they would be the first to go.


Who’dve thought a company founded by a Libertarian techbro would have a culture of sexual harassment run amok?

For those who are interested, Naked Capitalism ran a 9-part series on Uber’s shaky (and shady) business model called “Can Uber Ever Deliver?” The site seems to be down at the moment, but here are the links:


They weren’t booted, they left.



Because one is an accurate description of past events and the other is not?


Wasn’t there a non-profit alternative that filled in the gap while Uber and Lyft were out? How did that work out?


I forget the name of it, i’m sure i can find it, but i do recall that when i tried using it the service was down. I never ended up using it once and i’ve since bought my own car.


It’s called Ride Austin. I’ve used it a couple of times and it has worked well for me.


Thanks! I’ve not used any ride sharing services, but given how ubiquitous they’ve gotten in our culture, I’m interested in alternatives models to uber.


It’s cool because even when Uber does something good it’s in a fucked up creepy authoritarian manner


At first I thought 215 people were accused of sexual harassment, but it sounds more like 215 incidents, so the 20 fired are probably responsible for causing multiple claims (in fact that’s what I would expect-- serial harassers who have several complaints, probably from multiple people.)



this. this wins the internet for the month.


There are about half a dozen rideshare startups in Austin. When I used them they were very slow and expensive compared to Uber/Lyft.