$2000 pinned to his coat, musician tries to give away $10 bills to Torontonians


Those results are exactly what I expected. Because for the most part, you see something like that going on and you think “Well, there’s some sort of catch there, and I don’t want the hassle”. Until he hit Dundas Square, and a sort of crowd based critical mass was reached where you could actually see that there was, indeed, no catch.

I thought based on this quote that they were going to follow the people to see what they spent the $10 on, see if they gave it to a homeless person or something. There was nothing covert about that filming at all.

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I used to do the same thing with $5.00 worth of pennies in my front pockets… I’m not allowed within 500 feet of public parks anymore.


Results might have been different if he’d used actual money instead of particolored slips from a board game.

I’m not too surprised that the hipsters in Trinity-Bellwoods weren’t overeager to take the money, and that the more “regular” (ie less affluent) folks at Dundas Sq were… But I am a little puzzled by the shots of the lakefront, which isn’t especially near either of those places (it looked like it was the East End, but I’m not sure). I’m not seeing the social experiment here so much as the publicity for their song.

There was a song?

Also, $!@$ this linkbaity trend of “they were surprised by the results”. I don’t want to watch a four minute video with music just to find out what results you happen to be surprised by (that, as WearySky pointed out, are not all that surprising at all). Tell me what the results are, and I may be interested in your crappy video to see for myself the expressions, reactions, etc.

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