2001: A Space Odyssey's "Monolith" was originally "The Cube"


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This isn’t in Lost Worlds of 2001?

I like that it ended up being a rectangular solid of dimensions 1 squared x 2 squared x 3 squared. (1:4:9)


In the original short story it’s a pyramid.

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Yeah though Clarke admitted that he invented that ratio for the books. It didn’t exist in the planning for the movie.

In St Katherine docks in central London is the largest piece of Perspex (a polycarbonate plastic) ever created. This large transparent slab was made especially for Kubrick to be the monolith until they saw it on camera and didn’t like how it looked, preferring instead to have black basalt.
The block was then carved by Arthur Fleischmann with the an emblem for the Queen’s silver Jubilee and hung pride of place for many years illuminated in a special rotunda building in St Katherine.
In the 90’s the block was moved to a nearby wall to make way for Starbucks to inhabit the building and it’s still there today.
More about it here with pictures: http://www.ianvisits.co.uk/blog/2012/07/07/the-2001-monolith-is-on-display-by-tower-bridge/


The engraving looks not so good. It’d be better to stick under an electron accelerator, and make a 3d tree of electric discharge inside.

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Those should be octohedra, not cubes.

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Any excuse to post pics of the Connection Machines!


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