2010 VW ad: "Not every old lady is as trustworthy as a Golf"

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More age bias! /s


Dude that’s Dutch…


I’m a big fan of the “My Fast” commercials.

Closing in on 20 years of marriage, I know when not to let my fast speak for me.
But when it’s just me, it’s windows down and engine zooming.


@beschizza Surely the number plate was giveaway, no?


If you enjoyed this commercial:

I would swear there was a version with Clarkson, Hamster and Captain Slow too…


I’m not a car guy, but I have known plenty of shifty-ass old ladies, so this checks out.


Greatest VW ad that was never a VW ad:

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I see your bomber and raise you an invasion.

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One thing in the ad struck me like a thunderbolt coated in dung. It was the sound and sight of the bonnet (hood?) being opened and closed. That was the signature sound of 18 months with my VW Golf. Four times it was because the cylinder head gasket had blown. Once every few weeks it was because the throttle cable had to be replaced due to a cost-saving design flaw. Oh, and the time the gearbox bearings went. The sound of the bonnet/hood opening and closing meant only one thing to me - a bad bad feeling and an increasingly empty bank balance. Factor in VW’s more recent diesel emissions cheating and I would not have a VW as a gift.

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And it’s not just me…

Google Translate renders that tag line as “not every old lady is equally reliable”. I don’t speak Nederlands, but I get the idea that it’s meant to compare one old lady with another, not with a Golf (“not every old lady is as reliable as any other old lady”).

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