2014 Hugo awards

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The Hugo Novel winner was Ann Leckie’s excellent Ancillary Justice, not Reach. :slight_smile:

Blurgh – thanks for that. I’m still hung over from the party, obviously.

I’m just going to say that, while Vox Day is indeed a dreadful racist (and misogynist) and probably a horrible person, I actually rather enjoyed the story. I certainly wouldn’t call it “dreadful.”

The most obnoxious jerks can be capable of good writing. Just look at Orson Scott Card.

Time? What, really? I didn’t even know it was nominated.

It looks like pickings for that particular category were kind of slim. Are people not writing graphic sci-fi stories anymore…?

The hilarious “sad puppy” slate was an excellent (unintentional) tool for marketing to a new generation and new demographics, if only to inspire people to think about how far the genre’s come in the last twenty years. In the 70s, guys like Norman Spinrad made a splash with their left-leaning messages solely by submerging in such thorough satire of the right that naive reviewers didn’t know what to think. If the response to Osama the Gun is any indication, that’s still an issue.

There are a few, though I think the bigger issue is nominators not being familiar enough. Sci-Fi comics are sort of a very small niche within comics, and comic fans are themselves a fairly small niche in the general public, and although there’s more overlap between them than other groups, not all comic fans are SF fans or vice versa.

So in order to nominate for that category you have to hit all those niches, or the comic has to break awareness outside of those niches.

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