2014 State of the Union GIF

It’s like an analog bullshit meter filling up to full brown. Yes, I know, all three are equally full of bullshit, but you gotta love the paint swatch thing going on there.

Haahaa - you won the thread.

Your entire rant here cries out for citations. If you don’t come up with some, the “Christ, what an asshole”, meme applies to you as well.

That’s high praise.

I can’t not see Cheney as Cobblepot. He works with both the Burgess Meredith and the Devito versions.


TOTALLY ruined my SOTU drinking game. Biden falling asleep was supposed to be answered with a shot of vodka in a Red Bull, and Oopma-Loompa Boehner was supposed to be responded to by slamming a Mimosa. . . .

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Asshole? Nah! He’s really a decent guy at heart.

“Glad-handing dufus” is more like it.

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Now, see, I thought he was owned by the banking industry, being as he’s from Delaware.

I feel like I need a scorecard…

…because Osama bin Laden never underestimated anyone. His word should be taken as gospel. Amirite?

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200 years from now, academic careers in the field of history will be made as people argue whether or not The Onion stories about Joe Biden were based on real events.


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