Just how bad would Joe Biden be as President? Really f*cking bad

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so, better than a Republican you say…


@frauenfelder What’s up with that last link?

The article doesn’t even get in to the whole Joe Biden D-MBNA thing, which is probably my biggest concern with him.


@frauenfelder “Best Biden photo” link goes to Duggar site.

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"But forget all that, and the gaffes and the plagiarism and the refusal to admit that entitlements need to be overhauled. . . "

Gaffes, check. Plagiarism, check. The refusal to admit that entitlements need to be overhauled. . . uh, no. I’m not saying Biden would be a good president; the drug war stuff and the hawkishness are really really bad.

But Gillespie is another libertarian looking to destroy Social Security. If in Gillespie’s opinion Biden is a threat to the conservative view of “free stuff”, then frankly that’s a point on Biden’s favor.

The tone of this article is annoying. It’s a sort of “We can all agree on this stuff, right?” Well no. Some fair points are made, but I’m not signing on to the latestGOP plan to instantiate Galt’s Gulch.


I really can’t see how Biden can possibly be a candidate. He was worse than Clinton 8 years ago, how has that changed now? He’s only doing okay in polls because he isn’t running.

I do like that his first campaign was torpedoed by plagiarizing Neil Kinnock though.


That is a good Biden photo, all right.

I am like 98% convinced that vice presidents are chosen so that the mere thought of them becoming president is enough to dissuade any half-way rational assassin from killing the president.


Actually he’s very famously on the record against Bush era torture when he was a senator… He said that the reason we sign these treaties where we agree not to torture people is that so people like his son (who was in the military) don’t get tortured when THEY get captured.

And then once he became VP he hasn’t said a single fricken word on the subject. Rather disappointing.


Indeed, his source that social security is in a terrible state is from the “Free Minds, Free Markets” site reason.com. He may as well have linked to Rand Paul’s campaign site.


Well, he’s not a plagiarizer. I tracked that one down and crossed it off the list. He had a canned speech he gave many times in the Seventies. He always included a quote and attributed the author every time except once. An honest mistake.

Still, I’m Hillary all the way.


You’re kidding, right?

“Biden’s misdeeds encompassed numerous self-aggrandizing thefts, misstatements, and exaggerations that seemed to point to a serious character defect.” – Slate

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“-- Slate” is pretty much the same as the logical ¬ operator.


Let’s be even handed here - Biden is also the first guy in the admin to stand up for marriage equality, military service and trans rights - when he said “Transgender Discrimination Is 'The Civil Rights Issue Of Our Time” - he was way ahead of the curve - even among Dems.

His totality deserves to be reflected here.


Lessee… once again I’m going to defend a guy I don’t actually like. How does this keep happening? But I’ve met him more times than I can count, talked to him on countless occasions at local civic events. Delaware’s a small state, and he represented us for a long time.

Plagiarism: Yes he did. However, he did have brain damage at the time, and he has been careful with attribution ever since his recovery from surgery.

Malaprops: Yes he does. It’s his most endearing feature, that he says things without passing them through a group of political advisors. It’s probably the only thing I admire about him, really.

Drug Warrior: Uh, not really, despite quotes taken out of context. Compare him to everyone else at the same time period and he’s always been on the moderate side.

Bankster: He opposed the repeal of Glass-Steagall (meant to retroactively legalize the criminal actions of Citigroup and ultimately leading to the economic meltdown that gave us TARP). He’s been on the sane side of most economic debates.

Civil Liberties: Really quite good, and has often taken principled stands at odds with his party. The ACLU gives him a very high score based on his actual voting record, and he’s always been vocally supportive of equal rights and opportunities for minorities of every kind.

Intellectual Property: Oh holy carp is he bad on this issue. Basically a total mouthpiece for the worst of the entertainment industry infinite copyright jackasses. In fact didn’t the Obama campaign take down their (fairly sane) IP policy page the day before Biden was chosen as Veep?

Having done my part, I refuse categorically to be further involved. PLEASE NO PRESIDENT BIDEN.


He has always reminded me of almost any Leslie Nielsen character.


Oh wait, are we taking the Daily Beast seriously?


Worse than Herself??? I seriously doubt it.


You know I’m right.

Well they’re fair and balanced, right? No way this could be a hatchet job on a guy who’s not running anyway and wouldn’t get the nomination anyway.

For the record, he’d get my vote in the primary against Senator Clinton, and in the general even if the Republicans ran a Gandhi/Mother Theresa ticket.