President Biden's wit is quick enough to rip on Peter Doocy

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To be fair, that’s a low bar to clear.


Trump may be a disaster for the country, but Biden is not an ideal candidate, either. The Dems really need to deepen their bench of younger leadership ready to take over in the House, Senate, and Presidency.


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No candidate past or present has ever been “ideal.”


Peter Doocy is still the real world equivalent of Steve Carell’s mentally challenged newscaster in Anchorman


“Not ideal” beats “fascist who will destroy the country” any day of the week. Until the GOP becomes a party of normal sane people, “being ideal” is not a criteria I care about.


You apparently misread the article and/or my comment. The linked article says that Biden is a ‘great president’. I disagree with that sentiment. I agree, tho, that Trump would be a disaster for the country. You can be simultaneously opposed to Trump AND wish that the Dems would get their act together.


My point is I couldn’t care less about “Dems getting their act together” as long as they can mobilize the votes, get into the positions needed and drive fascist policies out of our system. We can worry about that when elections eventually stop becoming an existential crisis for the nation.


We would be less likely to have elections that were existential crises if the Dems would get their act together.


We’d be less likely to have elections if the GOP were less welcoming of the far right… them welcoming extremists with open arms isn’t on the Democrats, it is on them. They have been dog-whistling to get that sweet, sweet racist votes for decades now and Trump was just the one who decided to say that shit outloud and now far too many white, middle class Americans feel like they can “say what they feel” about all those people who aren’t them now.

The GOP are the ones who are no longer normal and they made this mess all by themselves for political expediency. We REALLY need to stop pretending otherwise or “both siding” what is happening. THE GOP ARE FULL ON FASCIST NOW.

[ETA] These are the kinds of people running as Republican right now…



May I infer from your criticism that you are personally involved in helping steer party policy and candidates at the local, state or national level? If not, then no time like the present! It’s not as easy as criticizing from afar but it’s a lot more effective.


I am not a Democrat, so… no? Unfortunately, in this country, we only have two viable choices. I will vote for Democrats in the general election so long as they are the only reasonable choice available. But I think it is folly to assume that the Dems are somehow putting forth ‘great leaders’ just because the GOP is such a dumpster fire.


This doesn’t make much sense. Are you saying we only have elections because the GOP welcomes the far right, and if they stopped, we’d not have elections anymore?

Democracy isn’t a spectator sport. If you don’t like the direction of either of the major parties, you are welcome to participate in the process.

So for example, if you vote for Democrats because they are the best available option but strongly feel that “the Dems really need to deepen their bench of younger leadership ready to take over in the House, Senate, and Presidency” then you can register as a Democrat, start voting in Democratic primary races and even get involved in individual Democratic politicians’ campaigns instead of just hoping the party will come up with a candidate you’ll like in the general election.


I do often vote for Democrats in primary races, but I am not a registered Democrat. We have open primaries here. In those cases, I vote for the Democrat candidates bringing new ideas and fresh blood to the party, rather than the entrenched neo-liberals. I have phone banked for Dems in the primaries that I thought had a good chance of changing the party direction.

But, the Dem establishment is well defended by people who want to maintain the status quo.

It’s the Dem’s fault that the Repubs have gone full-on fascist dictatorial authoritarian? Pray tell, how did we accomplish this Herculean task against their will and all? There are some on the Dem side who are still thinking this is just “normal political disagreement” rather than an existential threat to our democracy, but that does not erase the agency of these fascists in their own assholery. Nobody made them go down that path. The central Dem party bigwigs were (and some still are) in denial of the depth of the situation, but they are still not the reason for it.


If you’re not helping the party you say you will vote for - you deserve Trump.

You can’t “improve” things by doing nothing.


By some objective measures, he is, whether you like it or not. The economy is the strongest in 60 years and that includes higher participation across demographics that have been excluded in the past. Unemployment (including nonparticipation, which is not accounted for in the usual unemployment rate statistics) is at an all-time low. He’s put together the most diverse cabinet and advisory team in history. His efforts to improve conditions for children living in poverty and in low-income housholds is frankly historic (and almost unreported by media :rage:).

No president can check all the boxes, especially facing such steep and ruthless incalcitrance from the opposing party, but he really doesn’t get nearly the credit he deserves.

My biggest criticism is that he hasn’t done enough to curb Israel’s genocide of Palestinians in Gaza, but that is a situation that would be difficult for any president.


It’s a measure of how screwed the US political system is that the only choices on offer are a capable but aging career politician from the money-soaked center-right, and a petulant grifter with dictatorial ambitions and all the compassion and intellectual breadth of the angry loser at the far end of a roadhouse bar in Dogfuck, Idaho.

The fact that the world’s so-called leading democracy can’t offer us better choices than this is a pretty chilling indictment of, well, just about everything.

I like democracy. I have a touchingly naive belief that it actually has a stronger chance of making people’s lives better and happier than almost any other political system on offer, and that it is, if not exactly perfect, at least capable of improvement. But Lord knows, I’m not seeing much evidence for that belief right now.