Biden to announce vice president running mate this week: reports

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Ivanka Trump. Because this is the worst timeline (and I’d rather be pleasantly surprised than horribly disappointed).


I’m hoping for Rice, but I fear we’ll get Harris.


Why would Harris be a bad choice?


because random negativity? :man_shrugging:


Check into the details of her time as CA State AG.

I also don’t like that she’s a typical slippery politician who avoids actually answering questions fullly.

But that’s just me. Absolutely anyone is better than what we have now.


Rice is more SecState material, for veep you want a whip, someone who is on the same wavelength. After all, the veep is basically an understudy, all the other stuff is just to keep the understudy from getting bored or fall out of the loop should crunch time come.


It doesn’t matter if he picks a house plant. Stop putting any negativity out there at this stage.


I’d prefer Abrams or Duckworth over either of them, but I’m sure they’re the final two. I’m almost certain it’s going to be Harris, which means the Russians will highlight her role as a prosecutor to blunt her appeal to PoC and which means Biff’s ratf*ckers will revive the stories about her and Willie Brown.

Any VP candidate Biden chooses is going to have baggage that can be exploited, of course, so that’s not my main issue with Harris (it’s more that she’s yet another Third Way politician). I think that, given her skills and experience as an attack dog politician and due to the stark contrast she poses to “Father” Pence, she would be a strong pick despite her being part of the Dem establishment.

I’d just like this ginned-up suspense to be over so that the campaign can move into the next phase (thank goodness they cancelled the empty time-waster known as the in-person convention).


If this really is the worst timeline, he’ll pick Mitt Romney.

"Look, I know I said that I’d pick a women, but Mittens here is even better- he’s got binders full of women. "


Doesn’t matter WHO he picks. Kamala Harris…a can of La Croix…a goldfish (the swimming kind or the cracker kind)…a 5 lb bag of potting soil, he simply HAS to win or goodbye USA. Take a look at what’s happening in Belarus right now or in Hong Kong. All of that can and WILL happen here unless Biden wins in numbers to big to manipulate. Make sure you are registered and make sure everyone you know is registered and VOTE.


Fizzy, flavored, and embarrassing to be associated with — now that’s America’s brand!


But this really describes the entire DNC.


Im hoping for Tammy Duckworth. I think she has the least baggage to exploit (that we know of). She would also really bring out the worst in trump and pence. Her disability might count against her in the eyes of some ableists but I think her military history would draw enough voters who were going to skip voting to balance out ableist jerks.
Plus she’s already been through the misogynist meat grinder of the military, so she will probably be well equipped to handle the flood of hate.b


Any bets on what trump will do to distract from the media spotlight?

I was in Duckworth’s district when she first ran for office. You might be surprised how negative the election was.


The Duckworth thing is an interesting phenomenon to me. Can you tell me when you got on board with her as VP? Please don’t misunderstand–she’s my Senator, I’ve voted enthusiastically for her and will again, and I think she’s a pretty good Senator who I hope will be in office for a long time. But I think most (or maybe that’s not fair, maybe “a good number”) of us in Illinois see folks on the Duckworth for VP train and are a teensy bit surprised.

Emmanuel slating her over the candidate who laid the groundwork for getting Hyde out of office didn’t sit well with a lot of folks, but to her everlasting credit she lived up to the billing.


I personally think it’s going to be Harris, for the simple reason that I think she checks all of the boxes on Biden’s list:

Person of Color
Scores well on test polls
Known to get along with Joe (worked with Beau Biden)
Do not damage the ticket

That unchecked box is the one thing I think will be checked in the end, as Harris’ rep as a DA may dampen liberal desires for change, but is hard to spin against her among the general populace. It could in theory even be spun into an asset, a Saul converting to Paul moment.

Now, I am not saying she is the best. She isn’t my first choice. Sure she is flawed, but I can live with that. And heck, I think President Harris has a nice ring, should President Biden decide to step down.


I’m watching the UK Labour party fall apart because of Keir Starmer’s handling of BLM and history as Head of the Crown Prosecution Service. BAME people who were lifelong members are leaving the party in large numbers.

I don’t want that to happen to the Democrats in the USA.


When her name was first put forward as a potential candidate (somewhat late in the game, which may be the cause of your surprise). I’ve been following her since 2012 when Joe Walsh tried to smear her for supposedly politicising her military service (that’s only for Republicans, apparently) and she hit back hard. At that time and after I noted that she tends to take the progressive position on social issues on a consistent basis, regularly calls out GOP chickenhawks, and is a very effective legislator. As a bonus, it’s nice to see one person in Congress who provides representation and visibility simultaneously for women, PoC, and disabled people.

Most people who are politically aware enough to be interested in Biden’s VP pick were likely at least somewhat aware of who Duckworth is. If they’re progressive to one degree or another they will, like me, rank her up there with Abrams and Warren (as much as I supported Warren during the primary, now that we’re stuck with Biden is the nominee I think she’s more valuable in the Senate).