Watch Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Tim Kaine, Mike Bloomberg speeches at 2016 DNC (Video)


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I have Trump fatigue.



goddamn, i’m gonna miss the obamas. i am sure that hillary will be an outstanding president, but damn, i’m gonna miss the obamas.


appealing to Bernie Sanders superfans who still can’t bring themselves to vote for Clinton.

It’s been a lot of fun watching the entire internet go thought-police overnight and do it’s best to belittle anyone who dislikes Clinton, or just wants to even speak critically amongst other Dems. (The simple fact that ‘Bernie superfans’ are always pointed to shows how little anyone really cares about the real issue).


I’m exhausted today. Stayed up too late watching this & in to work early - cause we’re a bit busy in Philly this week. Thanks Obama!

No - really - Thanks Mr. President!!!


Thank God Boingboing published this material, hitherto hidden from the American people and not available anywhere else. What other secrets are y’all going to reveal?


BoingBoing is not advertised as a repository of secrets; BoingBoing is advertised as “a Directory of Mostly Wonderful Things.”

You don’t just put the family owned “Mickey’s Pizza” shop’s phone number in the phone directory; you also put Pizza Hut’s number. While most of the people who want to order have probably seen an ad with the Pizza Hut number on it, having it in the directory is useful for people who haven’t seen those ads, or can’t remember the number off the top of their heads.

So no, this isn’t groundbreaking exclusive coverage of an underground conspiracy, but it is useful and comment-worthy.


Wait, you just compared BB to a phone directory? So you’re saying it is mostly irrelevant, though still occasionally useful?

I keed! I keed!


Well, it certainly elicited my comment. I’m not going to ask who or what it’s useful for. The Democratic Party convention, a ‘wonderful thing’? Whew! What a world!


Why bother to watch this crap?


The only speeches I sat through for the DNC were Elizabeth Warren and Tim Kaine. They knew how to work the crowd. They were natural political speakers. They didn’t come off goofy*
My only thoughts were, “Why weren’t these people running for president?”


*I still haven’t seen the equivalent in groanworthiness of Mrs. Trump (probably unintentional) rickrolling.


Best quote I’ve heard so far:

Trump is asking a Russian President for help, Hillary is asking an American President.


President Obama is great at speeches. He writes a great speech, and he delivers a great speech. Clearly, it is a strength. But, for my money, I will take Michelle Obama’s speech over that one. I thought Michelle gave an outstanding speech - the best of 'em all at this convention.

Could Michelle possibly run for office in the future?


I dunno. I don’t think it’d be a good idea for the wife of a former president to run for President herself.

She’d get tarred with all of her husband’s faults as well as her own faults, accused of trying to start a “dynasty,” and just generally looked down upon.

Besides, her husband’s political opponents have been attacking her for years. Those kinds of attack have a way of sticking around in the public consciousness, and would give her detractors ready-made attacks to build on.

Then again, we don’t have any prior examples to compare to, so maybe I’m wrong.


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