Bernie Sanders' South Bronx rally, featuring Rosario Dawson, Spike Lee, and Residente


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Wow, he even got a good haircut. Makes the wind-blown baldy look energetic, not disheveled!


Didn’t need another reason to love Rosario. Didn’t ask for another reason to love Rosario. Got another reason to love Rosario. :blush:


I did not click on your April Fools Day link.


Only covered on C-Span? Lame.


Of course Night Nurse would endorse Sanders.


Just watched that, she was awesome.


Not even. C-Span 2. It’s not even in my cable package.


America’s just not ready yet for that much minority perspective.


This Bernard Sanders fellow sounds interesting, how come I’ve never heard of him?


Because the Jew-controlled lamestream media is censoring him.



A recent article on Nate Silver’s 538 blog illustrated the difficulties Sanders is going to face collecting enough delegates:


CNN had an urgent documentary on Jesus to air



I don’t have the time to watch the whole thing right now - by any chance did Bernie yell “Can you dig it?” during the rally?


I’ll take well-worn, broken-record articles such as this with some well deserved skepticism. It mimics the same gloomy predictions they’ve been making since 2015 that have fallen flat as time and Bernie’s surge marches on in 2016.

Similar to New York Times and other corporate media they have partnered with [i.e., The Hearst Corporation, ABC broadcast television network, etc.], FiveThirtyEight has a credibility gap when it comes to loudly and repeatedly predicting Bernie’s so-called, inevitable downfall that’s oft-repeated across the web, media outlets like Boing Boing and comment sections ad nauseam.

FiveThirtyEight steadfastly claimed Bernie’s surge was over and done with back in August of 2015. Those type of predictions have proven to be ridiculously off-mark. Why are those blatant errors in judgment being overlooked?

Nate Silver has repeatedly written off Bernie Sanders in the past only to be forced to back-peddle and bury his gloomy predictions as Bernie Sanders continues to capture delegates over time despite the media pile-ons that continuously claim there’s no hope for his campaign in the first place.

Indeed, it’ll be a long, tough fight for Sanders - but it’s not as hopeless and futile as biased, corporate-funded media such as FiveThirtyEight would apparently prefer the public to believe by grinding negativity into the public consciousness.

It’s obvious the media wants the public to give up on Sanders. Unfortunately for them, the public isn’t buying the constant calls to succumb to hopelessness.

Bernie Sanders breaks fundraising record for second month in a row:


Nothing to do with Clinton’s cosying up to Hollywood, DRM and issues like copyright extension?


No. Bernie doesn’t do pander.

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