2014's best science fiction and fantasy


for the 12 tomorrows issue, you linked to last years rather than this years issue.


Amazon reviews aren’t winning me over.

cough splutter

No The Martian?! Good day, Sir!

The Martian came out in 2012, this is a list of stuff out in 2014.

Self-published sure but it was officially published by crown publishing group in 2014. Plus i’m sure i’ve seen it listed in other 2014 roundups.

edit: Here for instance as one example.
edit2: Here also.

Well, you get the idea.

True, but at best it’s ambiguous and they might have different standards of inclusion that have nothing to do with their opinion of the subjective quality. For example, as Locus is somewhat of a SF-insider group, they might specifically be highlighting works that are eligible for the Hugo awards, and The Martian wouldn’t be (though it’d certainly be a worthy contender, if it was).

Yeah, point taken. It’s just easy to see it as an affront when you enjoy a story that much and i sure enjoyed the heck out of that story.

Huh, two people coming to some sort of an agreement. How about that.

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Librarians want to know what’s up with whitebread awards lists.

Good list. My personal favorite right now is this list of distant future sci fi books- http://sciencefictionlist.com/books/best-distant-future-science-fiction.php

Your personal favorite list is one that’s on a site that’s exactly the same as your name? :wink:

But it’s a good list. Although, technically, Consider Phlebas takes place around 1300 AD by Earth’s calender (the Culture is humanoid but not created by humans), so it doesn’t actually qualify as distant future.

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