Dozois's Year's Best SF turns 30 with a spectacular, diverse global collection of indispensable short fiction


I’ve read a few these, and they’re wonderful, but I wish David G. Hartwell’s Year’s Best SF 18 hadn’t been delayed. Hartwell’s a little more in my price range. I’ll have to bug my local public library in to picking up Dozois’s book though.

Anyone know if the Kindle Version has DRM? It is published by Macmillian, who usually doesn’t have DRM on their SF books, but it is the St. Martin’s imprint and not Tor/Forge.

hat illustration reminds me of my childhood. It was the illustration of my copy of Foundation & Earth. Trevize in Melpomenia. Sniff, sniff.

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I’ve been reading these almost since they started, and they’re the thing that gets me through winter.

It might be cold and miserable and the days might be too short, but I know that big brick of SF will turn up soon…

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