2015 Star Wars LEGO Advent calendar

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I don’t get the calendars, but I did get the Slave I that is tiny, tiny that was in one a couple of years ago.

My partner bought me one of these last week. I’m not going to use it as a countdown to xmas, but rather a countdown to the Episode 7 premiere.

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To soothe my own obsessive waiting, I’ve been counting down to Episode VII with daily photos of my Star Wars memorabilia and slowly decrementing percentile dice. If you feel like it, you can follow along with the hashtag #TFAcountdown on Twitter (or https://twitter.com/TFAcountdown ).

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Nice! I’m going to use this for the count down to this year’s Life Day!

All of the sellers on Amazon are setting the price for about a $20 mark-up. The lego site itself appears to be out of stock, of course.

I’ve never understood the need for an advent calendar, as if children needed help remembering Christmas.

Maybe you don’t understand Advent.


If you’re anywhere near a LEGO store try checking their inventory. The one I visited a few weeks ago had a “One per family” limit on both this and the LEGO City Advent calendar. And on the plus side, the City calendar includes LEGO marshmallows on sticks for toasting and is still available at places like Target for the regular price.

“Can I have a present now?”

“No, wait until Christmas.”

“How about now?”


Thus the advent calendar. It gives the wee tyrants something to open every day until the Fat One arrives. At first it was mere pictures, then chocolate, then Playmobil and Lego got in the act.

Shouldn’t this be the 2015 Star Wars LEGO Life Day Advent calendar??

I hope Ashens gets this new one for Christmas this year.

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