Time to order your 2021 LEGO Star Wars advent calendar

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I saw no Festivus, so no thanks.

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I saw that at Target a few weeks back and snagged one and a Harry Potter one. This year they’re definitely going to run out early…

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That tiny x-wing is a delight of minimalist design.

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We had a Lego advent calendar last year and it was super disappointing. All but a couple of the vehicles had wheels that didn’t turn (small circular push on studs). We would have paid more if the thing was actually worthwhile. It’s a problem when the primary beneficiary of the calendar is wheel crazy.

Highly recommend any of the LEGO advent calendars, whatever your particular interest is. There’s also a generic Christmas one too. The kits are quick easy assembly and really decent for the price. It’s one of the calendars on rotation here - we go between this, other crafting ones, and of course chocolate.

Is that baby yoda in an ugly sweater?!?

happy paul sun hyung lee GIF by Kim's Convenience

Will someone sell me the Slave I out of it? That really is the one I am after. I have 2 other mini models like this and they are each different.

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