The 2020 Star Wars advent calendar

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I want to be able to justify this (for myself) but it’s a struggle. That sweater, tho!

Whew. No Boba Fett or Slave 1. Star Wars has been beating up my wallet lately.

@jlw an advent calendar is for giving a little surprise or gift every pre-Christmas day in December


Damn, family already got 3 advent calendars (2x Lego, 1x liquor)… Not getting a 4th!

@DiveGirl, that sweater! Adorbs!

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This is SIGNIFICANTLY less expensive if you buy it directly from Disney, and still has the porg minifig: (this is NOT an affiliate link)

True of most Amazon links, since if the cheaper version sells out, any sellers with higher prices will transparently swap in place. This is intentional on the part of Amazon and they give sites like ours crap for posting prices in articles for this very reason. So frustrating!


Nope, they went with Mando’s Razor Crest instead. I’m a little surprised they didn’t do a Baby Yoda instead of the Porg.

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