2016 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

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Who wants to sell me the tiny Slave I from theirs?

Though I think I have one from an older calendar - it is probably slightly different.

LEGO observes Advent? Well I suppose they are Danish. Lefse sold separately.

Best part of advent calendars is not knowing what you’ll get each day… But you get the whole exploded view on Amazon!

Every time I watch Alderaan explode again, I think of Christmas! Darth Vader really isn’t so different from Santa Claus, really. And the stormtroopers are a lot like Christmas elves!

Clearly this is celebrating not the month prior to Christmas but the month prior to Life Day, the one true Star Wars holiday

Wookie life day

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They observe people will give them money for Advent calendars.


It’s a nice day, for a; White Wookie! WHOOAAA!!! Start again!

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The NSA send their regards, and have passed your details onto the UN?

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