2016's Illusion of the Year will make you cover your screen with fingerprints


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Boinged already, even though this is the first comment.


That’s some freaky!


Nope, that’s the illusion!


This one leads the voting actually, it still blows my mind.


Nothing, apart from overwhelming drunkenness will cause me to put fingerprints on my screen. I am so anal retentive about it, I’ve been made fun of. So many eyes were rolled at me, including the eyes of a four year old who thought I was being ridiculous. I am not ashamed.

However, it is a groovy illusion, which I enjoyed with my hands in my lap.


[quote=“cleveremi, post:6, topic:81066”]
However, it is a groovy illusion, which I enjoyed with my hands in my lap.
[/quote]Too much information :wink:


Please don’t tell us what your hands were doing.


So as not to disappoint? Or ruin my reputation? okee dokee :angel:


Of course I have fingerprints on my screen: it’s an iPad.


While interesting, this feels somewhat disingenuous. The “drift” that the article and video use is a type of movement; the graphic mass within the elements is moving in a coordinated way. I’m not being fooled into perceiving motion, just extrapolating the motion in each element to represent a whole.

Or maybe I’m just being a cranky old man at the moment. Now get off my lawn!


It’s pretty disconcerting. After a while I started to perceive it as static holes with a moving surface behind them, and then it didn’t feel so weird.


Shazam and the video itself were unhelpful, so does anyone know where I can get that background music?


I’ve been wondering whether this illusion (or something similar) could be used for CAPTCHAs - presumably something that relies on a quirk in human vision* would be difficult to model?

*Also, does anyone know if optical illusions work for other species?


How can we have a best of 2016 when the year is just half over?

(i see this all the time and always wonder…)


There’s a url at the end of the video.



kinda gives the term ’ spin doctor ’ a new twist ~


Next time just use your mouse cursor. :slight_smile:

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