2017: the medium-disastrous projection (as told by Charlie Stross)


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/01/04/2017-the-medium-disastrous-pr.html


Stross writes fiction, right? Right??? Uh-oh…


That’s some grim shit. Don’t read if you want to feel good about…well anything.


I dunno. I found it quite optimistic.

After all, only a year late, all of those protest voters finally got their candidate elected!


Honestly–and this probably says something about my deep psychology that I’m okay leaving alone–I was laughing by about April and didn’t stop until the end. I love a good parade of horribles. (Not to be confused with a parade of deplorables, which we’ve already got.)


China invading/liberating North Korea struck me as optimistic, but possibly a workable solution.


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