2020 Presidential Candidates Thread

America deserves better

l’etat c’est moi already? And he hasn’t even successfully bought the Democratic primary yet, much less the office of the president. Can it, Bloomberg. Your campaign is getting exactly what it deserves.


The statement from Warren you quoted didn’t say that, so this is a red herring on top of the transphobia

Also, repeating yourself is specifically against the rules


Oh, get over yourself. You gushed over Bloomberg’s out-of-touch ad, and people, including myself, criticized the ad. Don’t post if you can’t take criticism.


Here’s an article on Warren’s statement:

I don’t think ANY teen should have veto power over the Sec. of Ed, Do you?

And maybe you do, but that’s not a) fair b) smart and c) anything like a country I’d like to live in.

Finally, I repeated myself because you deliberately misquoted me in an attempt to distort my statement, mis-characterize my argument, and impugn my character.

Again, and as a real question: I don’t think ANY teen should have veto power over the Sec. of Ed, Do you?

I think people who are most likely to be negatively impacted by transphobic policies laid down by the Department of Education (or really, any department of the federal government) should absolutely have veto power over someone who professes an intent to implement them, yes.


Sounds fine

I’m sure all the nominees will be properly vetted by adults, contrary to your previous claims

The more significant question is why is this so important to you

your one deal-breaking issue

a line in the sand against creeping trans youth totalitarianism


I like the idea. One way of giving under-represented people a say is to give them the power of choice.

Your objection sounds much like someone saying “I don’t think ANY former slave should have veto power over the Governorship of Alabama.” In 1868.


Again, you’re saying that to you, one teen should pick the Secretary of Ed. One teen. Not Congress, not the President. One teen. Do you know how insane that sounds in a Constitutional Republic?

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The quotation seems to have morphed from the one you linked. It seems like you are responding as if Warren said:

“What I’m going to do is having this person pick the next secretary of education without any input from anyone else. Then, I will disband congress to avoid them having oversight over this person’s pick.”


I can see this is going to be your version of the “Pelosi said we had to pass the bill to see what’s in it!” claim, so I’m gonna stop right here and say that Elizabeth Warren is not having a single trans person choose who the Secretary of Education is. But she would have them be part of the decision-making process. Any single person in a team can veto a hire for any (legal) reason in any actual job interview for any actual position in any actual company in this country. Warren is simply emphasizing that she would make trans voices part of that team.


Please note that when you change the adjective, my objection is still the same. But thanks, that’s great.

“I like the idea. One way of giving under-represented people a say is to give them the power of choice”:

Also, I don’t care if you like the idea: Yes, the underrepresented should have a say, but they shouldn’t have sole say.

But right now, you’re saying one teen should have more say than Congress? Than the president? Because that’s kinda hilariously ill-thought-out. I mean, your enthusiasm sounds much like someone saying “I think one person, and only one person, should pick the Secretary of Education.” In 2020. And note that I didn’t have to propose a metaphor where you’re a racist in the immediate wake of the Civil War to state that so plainly.

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Exactly. She’s not saying that the trans teen chosen to help make the decision is going to pick the EdSec single-handedly. She’s saying she’d give a trans teen veto power over the pick. Which in turn means that the folks vetting potential nominees will give trans rights a high priority when putting together the short list so that they don’t have to go through hundreds of potential nominees.


You are the only person who has entertained this idea.


See posted article, with phrase “win approval.”

I don’t think we have to worry about Professor Warren’s ability to organize her cabinet appointments

The issue here is why does somebody want her to nominate a candidate trans youth would oppose


Golly, I can’t believe Warren wants to only allow people who profess a belief in the basic human rights of trans people to be her secretary of education!


And you have leaped from that phrase, which in it’s most extreme and uncharitable would mean that Warren is giving some kid a veto over the pick, to suggesting that it means that the kid would pick the candidate with no input from Warren and no Senate confirmations. Where the hell is this coming from?


If you want your objection to be taken seriously, maybe you should read what you linked. Nowhere in there does Warren propose bypassing the Senate confirmation process, in violation of the Constitution, so that one person has total control over who becomes EdSec.

And the comparison to post-CW racism is apt, because your reaction to her proposal sounds exactly like the kind of arm’s-reach bigotry that “enlightened” bigots used to object to African American enfranchisement.


Warren asking a trans teenager to look at a potential nominee for Secretary of Education (AKA leader of a department that affects trans teenagers) and make sure he or she is on board with the human rights of trans teenagers and doesn’t have a history of anti-trans bias? Yep, that’s a real deal-breaker right there on Warren. Priorities, people. It’s perfectly reasonable. /s


I’d like to come back to this statement, as well. Is she a “waste” because of that one proposal that a trans teen help pick the Secretary of Ed, or is there some other reason?