The RS Politics 2020 Democratic Primary Leaderboard

While the title speaks for itself, I would like to add that the overall rigging in the DP is like an Octopus, spreading out its tentacles into all areas of society. Sure, one could also say that the DNC is grooming its front runner early.

However, this article goes to show that the demagoguery of the DNC is surfacing in all organs of the liberal what goes for media. The arbitrary listicle that places Tulsi Gabbard - regardless of whether one shares her views or not - way behind Harris and the other oligarchic water carriers, is symptomatic for a Banana Republic, in which not the wellbeing of the population has a top priority, but solely the internal affairs of the establishment. The Rolling Stone article therefore is a reflection of the ham theater the American people are gifted with.

It also reveals that there will be more of the same. A completely from the needs of the population removed staged process of the political ‘musical chair’ game in Warshington.

Just, fyi, that’s often employed as an anti-Semitic trope.




Oh my god, Marianne Williamson is running for President?

She’s advocated a green new deal, medicare for all, and reparations. She might be a woo peddler, but I like her platform.


Full disclosure: I’ve worked on design and art for her for a few years. She’s a smart, clearheaded person and I agree with her platform. Her main woo-peddling revolves around her writings for and about A Course in Miracles, which is most definitely Not My Thing, but as New Age thought goes, you could do worse. But I had no idea she was actually running until just now!


Cool. Thanks for the insight!

I do like her platform. As far as I know, she’s the only person who included reparations among the other progressive views.

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Actually, it’s been the hallmark of the Red Scare as well. Communism has been depicted as Octopus and most recently Putin also.

But there is virtually nothing that could not be interpreted in an opposing, or any other way.

Yes, but it has it’s roots in an antisemitic trope. Just thought you should know that, since it’s often still used in that manner.


The Radio Shack leaderboard looks different.

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Could you please provide sources for your assessment? What I was referring to, and still am is this propaganda image from 1877.

That’s before any accusation of ‘anti-semitism’ was invented. Or was that anti-semitic as well? All the search that I did (and no, I do not use CIA/NSA-google, but DDG) returned only one image that could be potentially called ‘anti-semitic’ and that’s pertaining the spread of ‘Standard Oil’.

Alleging ‘anti-semitism’ for using a metaphor that was used way before the creation of the term, casts a dark shadow on any person who does that. Because it is the broken record of the deep state that likes to accuse people of being anti-semitic when these are critical of the status quo. Like Ireland being anti-semitic for its law to sanction the actions of Israel.

You can buy the octopus map here.

Especially the “NAME YOUR DEAL NOW”, which gives it a lovely deeper meaning. Just like in politics.

Maybe go ask the ADL:

Among others…

And in this case, it’s entirely historically accurate. Use what you like, but you should be aware of the history of imagery like this.


Fun factoid - and obscured history; the first course in miracles was funded by early transsexual philanthropist Reed Erickson. Along with a lot of other new age counter culture research and the groundbreaking One LGBT Foundation in Los Angeles.

His contributions were swept under the rug for decades.


Vice versa. The picture of the octopus you inserted is from 1926.

A quick search of the ADL reveals a number of controversial information about it. Having followed the news about Soros for 35 years, I am of the opinion that he belongs behind bars. Not because someone tells me. But before the advent of fake news, there was reliable information available.

In regards to anti-semitism in general, I don’t make any excuses. However, the Nazis - with the backing of the US - exterminated over 20 million Russian people, including followers of Judaism. After the extermination campaign failed, the US and Canada imported high ranking Nazis under several secret programs - one of them having been ‘Operation Paperclip’.

As long as the ADL does not openly fight against the demagoguery, defamation and discrimination directed at the people of Russia, they are at the very least hypocritical. Anti-Slavic trumps anti-semitic. Pun incidental.

Um… okay. Wow. Maybe read a book about the problem, or at least a wikipedia page?

There is also a deep history of antisemitism in Russia and Eastern Europe, as well as in Western Europe. [ETA] Are you really trying to suggest that Jews were not a persecuted minority in Europe at all, prior to the holocaust, because that’s some real ignorant bullshit if so.

How about we reject both instead of this mindless tribalism that only leads to more violence and dehumanization?


Word; nobody’s persecution “trumps” anyone else’s; this is NOT ‘the Oppression Olympics’


Exactly! And whenever that oppression olympics get invoked, it always seems to me it’s intended to pit us against each other, so that the people in power can continue with business as usual.


Yep; keep folks divided and at each other’s throats, and they’ll never notice how badly they are being fucked over by the people with actual power.

Same as it ever was.