2020 Presidential Candidates Thread


Yep, and from what I’ve gathered, they can be very manipulative and deceptive while recruiting. Quite a bit closer to the objectionable aspects of some cults than Catholicism, I’d say.


Strong Lovecraftian influence in the source material, both strands. But I was letting my nerd flag fly -it’s a modified version of the Warhammer 40K speil about “The Eternal Crusade” from the tabletop miniature game.


Now I want all my election coverage solely in tabletop miniature format.

“We have a late entry in this primary race, and our CNN analysts are hard at work painting their new figure so that we can give you the whole story.”

There could be little set pieces of New Hampshire meet-and-greets.

The Onion got there first, but I want more.


Mainstream religions don’t hide their teachings and release them in drips and drops as you pay more and more into the cult’s coffers. You can go and find a Bible or Koran or a summary of Buddha’s teachings at any library, or you can go to your local church or mosque or Buddhist temple, and they will gladly tell you what it’s all about. Scientologists don’t do that, because it’s a con-job transformed into a highly toxic cult.


Dude, The Onion always gets there first. It’s not entirely natural, I tell you. :thinking:


Except for the ones that do, eg LDS.

To his credit, Tulsi’s guru Chris Butler was on TV every week for years in Hawaii telling us what he thought about everything, whether we wanted to know or not.

I don’t know enough Scientologists to disagree with you. However, the ubiquity in the US of legislation against women’s rights to their bodies and LGBTQ people’s rights to exist, which legislators happily connect to their church, tells me that enough members of “mainstream” churches have enough trouble compartmentalizing that we don’t need to speculate in their case.

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The main problem with a Scientologist politician would be the folders of information Scientology keeps on their members: many hours of auditing sessions using the e-meter (a toy prop, but can be effective if the person believes it works), questioning about their sexual history, etc. If they had been in the Sea Organization, they’ve filled out a very detailed and invasive Life History, and then probably Sec Checked on it (hostile auditing to 11).

If psychological manipulation won’t do it, then blackmail works.


Yeah, that’s a great point.

I’d be less wary of someone who was 2nd generation Scientologist, it may be that they’re not actively involved and just haven’t come out publicly against the cult because they don’t want to be labelled an SP (suppressive person), which would lead to all contact being cut off from the rest of their family.

anyway, Tulsi is a terrible candidate. aside from her Hindu nationalist and homophobic background she has plenty of other problems, you really don’t need to replace one despot apologist with another one. she’s also been a spreader of ignorant anti-nuclear fear mongering, not being pro-nuclear really should rule a candidate out if you actually care about climate change.

I’m surprised no-one in here has mentioned Andrew Yang, he’s pretty interesting, and unlike most of the other candidates seems to actually have a detailed set of policy proposals laid out (I’m looking at you Beto O’Rourke), Warren is probably the best candidate in that regard (in terms of policy detail I mean), but he’s not far off.


I only heard of him last night. I will look up his positions. One of the drawbacks to the Greek chorus of candidates we are seeing is the ones with less name recognition get overlooked.


Oh no. Joe is in it now. sigh. now i just have to pray we democrats don’t eat ourselves alive again.


Of course he is running, Joe Biden is sporting the stunning popularity of Hillary Clinton circa 2015. I expect his popularity to follow a similar trajectory.


Yep, straight to the nomination, with the wind (hot air?) of the Dem establishment beneath his wings.


"As you know, Ron, I’m an old-school gamer. I just don’t like the direction the lore’s been heading with the latest editions.
You used to be have time to really figure out the best campaign team for your play-style, but since the last event the release schedules have been so hectic you barely have time to really read up on each miniatures strengths and weakness.
Speaking of which, the Trump candidate miniature is way OP. I know giving it the minimum INT stat was supposed to balance out the ridiculous amount of buffs the piece has - Fox News, Russian Hackers, Hush money to name a few - but it just doesn’t work that way in play.

There’s rumours an updated impeachment supplement planned for this edition will nerf Trump. But despite an occasional hint the developers are working on it from the game’s official Twitter account, there’s still no release date."


So, Bernie Sanders has apparently hired a guy who’s been attacking other Democratic candidates on Twitter while pretending not to have any connection to Sanders campaign.

Stuff like this is why people have issues with Sanders.


That story is manufactured garbage.

See also:


Stuff like this is why the Atlantic is trash.


A new dark horse enters the fray:

Some background on Gravel:


I remember Mike Gravel from the 2008 election. I liked some of his positions back then, but we need to be hearing them from someone who isn’t going to be 90 on election day.



“Federal prosecutors have charged an 80-year-old California man named John Pierre Dupont with bilking donors out of more than $250,000 by setting up fake websites and political action committees (PACs) falsely purporting to raise money for Texas politician Beto O’Rourke, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, former Tallahassee, Florida mayor Andrew Gillum, and other progressive causes, NBC News reported Tuesday.”

No age limit or slow lanes for grifting.


Word. I stopped reading it a loooong time ago.

So much ginned-up fear mongering to stir up the white folks (men especially).