2020 Presidential Candidates Thread


Politicians lying, imagine that.


Not a candidate, but about a huge factor in the election

Too bad he’s just some guy from the Toronto Star that CNN will never listen to.


Propaganda is about selection and emphasis.

A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


Add John Kasich (Former Governor of Ohio) to the list as possible. He is prepared to run again, but might go Independent instead of Republican this time around.


I fully expect Kamala Harris to be shoved down our throats. But I’ll still work to vote her in over Trump. I make one exception, which is if the campaign decides to label every critic on the left a Russian tool. Then I won’t lift a finger to change minds among those reticent to vote for her, because they’ll have undone my work before I started.


Record for shortest campaign? Either way, a total waste of a state senate seat.


Table is updated. I really wish that I could do color text on this forum.


Rumor-milling in the HuffPo.

(Which I will never stop criticizing for exploiting free-labor “for exposure” for years. Ever. Even if they’ve stopped.)



Oh great. I called it. Well, it’s nice to be right, I think?


A thread:

Not to say that legitimate criticism isn’t legit, but that there is no magic bullet candidate. She’s right, these fuckers didn’t go out and build a giant (as in how much it hoovered up) data firm to have a strategy against just one candidate and one set of moves.

And moving the Overton Window will take more than just voting, no matter who your candidates are. Yes, plural, because downticket matters too. After that is where the real work on shifting that motherfucker begins. Find out the office numbers and addresses of your reps. Program your phone. Set up a letter template on your computer (Dear [Representative], I am writing to you regarding [issue]. By voting [yes/no] you are showing you care about [important things the issue will affect]. As a constituent, I strongly urge you to vote [yes/no] on [issue].), so you can just fill in the blanks and hit print. Paper letters carry more weight, and with a template are almost as easy to fire off as an email.

It didn’t move to the right by magic. It moved right because a bunch of loudmouth assholes made a lot of noise and convinced politicians that moving right was what people wanted. It can be moved back the same way.

Of course, that’s all if you get fair elections in 2020. As things stand right now, I wouldn’t count on it. It certainly won’t happen automatically.


Or they’re right wing conspiracy theory embracing trolls, like me! :wink:


Oh, so you know John, too!




I’m hoping the “youngsters”
think the Left Lane
IS the center Lane!



But these are not normal times. Any candidate could win. Most of us have pretty much given up hope that a candidate with the qualities of a statesman (statesperson?) is likely to run anytime soon. I think we need another R.B. Hays or Fillmore. Someone not evil who would make politics boring again.


So people willing to throw black people under the bus? No.


Can you go back to dull politics after this circus? Can the country? I doubt it.