20th Anniversary Edition of "Your Woman"

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Always liked that song. Reminds me of a song around the same time which also had old timey horn samples.


I’ve always liked “Your Woman” as a counter to the musicians in my life who say “Oh, I’ve got to have “X” (X being expensive thing de-jour) in order to make a good track of my song.”

OTOH, between then and now this thing called “pitch correction” has been made available to the masses, and while it is frequently overused, a good producer should know when to say to the engineer/mixer "hey you know that part of the vocal line where he sings. . . "


on the low-fi tip

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White Town has that one-hit and at least this how-can-this-not-be-a-hit:

at least in my list.


Hey, thanks for posting this! :heart_eyes:


I still love that song too. Well, I love all of them, obviously.

hmmm… maybe I should do an iTunes release of all that stuff… ponders


I absolutely LOVED this track. I wish he’d done more but then, that’s what everyone says about me…

I’d also stick LEN Steal My Sunshine in here somewhere. And OMC How Bizarre.


I know that song thanks to Juan de Pablos from the program Flor de Pasión in Radio 3 (Spain). He has a radar for gems.


OMG, I loved Steal my Sunshine. How Bizarre was fun. Overall I really think 90s pop had a greater variety than most other eras.

Hey - fun fact - Lucas with the Lid Off was a single take. I remember him in an interview and he bashed the shit out of his leg at one point and just kept going.

That’s the stuff. I used to put Your Woman on my mix CDs a lot. Now I’m putting it on my Amazon playlist.

You should contact them and get a One Hit Wonders of the 90’s Tour going.

Do it.


do it.


Ohh, thank you! :smiley:

If you love Steal My Sunshine, you’ll probably love this -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlJGrIyt-X8&t=139s

waits for phone call from New Radicals

That’s a classic. Yes, was familiar of the sample!

This takes me back to sitting in my teenaged bedroom late one evening listening to Radio 1 on my shitty little cassette radio when Jyoti did a session for Mark and Lard. I think it’s one of the few singels I didn’t get rid of a long time ago.

WOah! I was absolutely shitting myself doing that sesh… I hadn’t played live for about five years by then and then to do a national radio session… live. EEK. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahh, sorry - I only found it myself a week or so ago! :slight_smile: