21 dead in mass-shooting at Texas elementary school

You’re absolutely right, thanks.

That came out many hours after I’d posted, but it’s a very important follow-up.

Still, my experience stands too!


That’s already out there.

Rep. Paul Gosar, an Arizona Republican, said of the shooter in a since-deleted tweet, “It’s a transsexual leftist illegal alien named Salvatore Ramos.”

If you were playing fear buzzword bingo, you’d get at least a full line from that.


Hey Abbott…

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Racist shit head.




They already do.
There are always stories of teachers protecting their students in these scenarios, some even throwing themselves in the path of bullets.
And the fact that I had to write, “there are always stories,” in this scenario got the tears running again.
What a fucking shit timeline.


Paul Gosar is one of the assholes spreading it.


It’s literally that easy for the right. Just say the shooter is someone on the left, and blind hatred and bigotry will do the rest. No evidence needed. For bonus points, spread the “false flag” conspiracy theory. Don’t worry, people will believe both at once!

As far as the right is concerned, this both didn’t happen and is compelling evidence that they should be free to murder anyone who disagrees with them.


Those poor girls

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Let’s also remember that in GOP-speak, when they say “Chicago” they mean “Black people.”


Wow. Such competence.


Despite the fact that in addition to the town’s police department, the school district has it’s own police force with 4 full time armed SROs supposedly patrolling the area and spent $450,000 last year on “security”. But it took a team of Border Patrol agents to finally break down the door and kill the suspect.

WTF is the Border Patrol the primary first responders here??!!

A Border Patrol tactical team was ultimately able to force their way inside the school and kill the suspect, Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw said.

US Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz said about 80 to 100 agents responded to the shooting and acted immediately.



Police have been used in schools for more than half a century, at least since the 1950s When schools became a place for students to struggle over their rights during the civil rights movement, Foster said, “that’s when we really saw the large influx of police and police programs in schools. … Police are really in schools because they are the most effective tool for the state at controlling young Black and brown people.”
“There’s no evidence that we’re aware of — would love to see it if it exists — of having police in schools as a way to make schools safer or prevent school shootings,” … In schools with police, kids are more likely to be suspended and expelled, Schindler said, “and more likely to be referred to the justice system, the so-called school-to-prison pipeline, for behavior that is not necessarily appropriate to be referred to the justice system. We’re talking about behavior that years ago, when I was in school, would be more likely to be handled in the principal’s office.”

“Instead of marshaling a robust preventative intervention, we wait until the problem expresses itself as a mass killing, and then we microanalyze the police response,” said Vitale. “This is a completely backwards way to approach the problem. Because policing is an inherently inadequate response to these things. By the time the shooting starts, the police intervention is going to be reactive. People will already be dead.”


Mother says she was handcuffed outside school

As criticisms mount over the police response to the massacre, one mother who was outside of the school as the attack was unfolding says that officers handcuffed her after she urged police to enter.

Angeli Rose Gomez, who has children in the second and third grade in the school, told the Wall Street Journal she drove 40 miles to the school when she heard there was a shooting and that when she arrived, “The police were doing nothing. They were just standing outside the fence. They weren’t going in there or running anywhere.”

She told the paper that after a few minutes of her urging officers to act, federal marshals approached and put her in handcuffs, alleging that she was being arrested for interfering in an active investigation. She said she was released after she talked to Uvalde police officers she personally knew who convinced the marshals to let her go. At that point, she said she entered the school and got her two children.

Gomez also told the Journal that after the gunman was killed, she saw police use a Taser on a local father who was approaching a bus to find his child. Gomez described it this way:

They didn’t do that to the shooter, but they did that to us. That’s how it felt.”



Look at the demographics of that town and school.


That’s not just racist whataboutism, it’s also factually untrue.

Last year—which was one of the deadliest years on record—there were 797 reported homicides in Chicago. Even if all of those homicides involved guns that would work out to an average of about 15 people shot to death each week. So 21 people shot to death in a single weekend would still be an especially bad weekend.


No such thing as bad press :rage: