21 dead in mass-shooting at Texas elementary school

Just to add to that concern, 50% of firearms in the US are owned by 3% of the population. Just think about that for a moment. The US has a core group of people dedicated to preserving their ability to kill lots of people. Why else would they each have so many guns.


There are no reliable figures on what percentage of Uvalde residents are undocumented; most assumptions that the town has a large undocumented population seemed to stem from the fact that it is 72.7 percent Hispanic. According to 2020 estimates from the Census Bureau, 10.4 percent of Uvalde residents were foreign-born; of that population, 69 percent were not naturalized U.S. citizens. Whatever the real numbers, it’s true that on any given day, immigration enforcement is visible around town. At Uvalde’s CBP checkpoint, undocumented drivers and passengers headed north are frequently arrested and eventually transferred to ICE custody and subject to deportation proceedings.

“The site of the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas is a protected area. To the fullest extent possible, ICE and CBP will not conduct immigration enforcement activities there so that individuals, regardless of immigration status, can seek assistance, reunify with family and loved ones, and otherwise address the tragedy that occurred.” In addition, the statement read, “ICE and CBP provide emergency assistance to individuals regardless of their immigration status.”

How gracious of them…


Hey, guess what? It gets worse:

I can’t find a direct link to the video, but here’s an officer admitting that cops went in to rescue their own children while others lay bleeding. Without even a hint of shame.

Video is in the link.


I saw that this morning. I simply can’t put into words my feelings about that, but mostly it’s rage.


from that snippet:

i feel compelled to point out it’s factually false.

it’s within our lifetime that the court decided to interpret the second amendment as giving an individual right.

i mean if the right to bodily autonomy isn’t “deeply rooted” in our history, most definitely the individual right to own a gun isn’t either. hell, “ar-15” isn’t even mentioned in the constitution. not once.

scalia invented the concept of individual gun ownership as much as alito is inventing the concept of forced birth

at any rate: we don’t have our constitution to blame, we have the far right and their hold on our government


“Since he was obviously crazy, there is nothing we could do to prevent this tragic event. It’s not my fault, excuse me, I need to go give my NRA speech.”

– Greg Abbott (probably)

Even if this was true, and there is absolutely no evidence it is,

The governor has diverted money away from agencies in Texas that oversee mental health programs and recent reports have found Texas is the worst state in the nation when it comes to providing access to mental health care, they say.

Yeah, even if your profoundly stupid theory were to be true, you still fucked it up, you heartless fucking asshole!


Ammosexuals have such a limited repertoire.


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This is a point that doesn’t get nearly enough press. Even gun control advocates speak as though 2A is this ancient immutable thing that is unfortunate but has always been this way. The whole relevant history of it is super recent. Nobody even talked about it until the Black Panthers started carrying guns in the 1960s (resulting in a wave of gun control, of course) then basically never again until the ridiculous Heller decision in 2008.


Watching the press conference now. Police are presenting their most favorable timeline.

Theyre claiming now that shooter was shooting in the classroom within one minute, and cops were in the building within 4 minutes.

The 911 timeline they’re presenting starts 30 minutes after shooter entered the building

They’re very quick to lead with the assertion that the shooter entered via a door that a teacher had propped open. Made sure to say it twice. I sense victim blaming coming up.

ETA: the claim is that the police believed they were dealing with a barricaded shooter vs an active shooter sutuation which is why the police acted the way the did. At least the Colonel said the decision was a mistake. Small comfort though.

ETA2: what do you have to say to the parents? We’re not here today to say anything to the parents, we’re here to address the facts. Cold. The conference has turned into cop-nonapology now.

ETA3: someone in the reporter pool asked a softball question that gave the Colonel an opportunity to blubber on camera. That’ll be on the news

ETA4: He is comparing some events to what happened in a different texas school shooting. Not a good look

ETA5: “President Biden is here this weekend, have you a message for him?” - “I’d tell him welcome to Texas. Leaders go to where the problems are and right now the problem is in Uvalde. Thats why Gov Abbott is here, thats why the President is coming. That’s what leadership is”


Damn, I’ll bet there’s going to be a big push in schools around the country to lock down all doors and windows hard, which in a pandemic situation will probably cost more lives than it saves due to reduced air circulation in classrooms.


Finally, The Onion found something that resembles satire!

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Yeah, they’ve been practicing this for a couple of days. Now we’re being told that there wasn’t any SRO at the school. They continue to change their stories and push false narratives. :roll_eyes:

The DOJ needs to investigate police response if either the school or the cops receive federal funds.


And if he gets any blowback from the right it’ll be for half-heartedly implying that Biden’s visit reflects good leadership.


This does not seem to actually be the case




Miah said she was scared the gunman would return to her classroom to kill her and a few other surviving friends. So, she dipped her hands in the blood of a classmate – who lay next to her, already dead – and then smeared the blood all over herself to play dead.

Miah’s mother said she was born with a tumor in her abdomen and wasn’t expected to live much past her birth. She underwent extensive surgery to remove the tumor at age three; her mother already called her a “miracle baby” and said that’s even truer now.

Her mother also told CNN that the morning of the shooting, Miah had an earache and she took her out of school to go to the doctor. On the way back, they stopped at Starbucks for a treat and her mother offered to let Miah skip school the rest of the day since it was one of the last days of classes before summer break and they were just watching movies.

But Miah insisted that she wanted to return to school to see her friends, so her mother dropped her back off at school — about an hour before the shooting.


No words