21 species removed from endangered list because they are extinct

Originally published at: 21 species removed from endangered list because they are extinct | Boing Boing


“Agenda 21 NWO hoax!”, scream the MAGAts and Qnuts.

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I wonder if #last12c will become a new influencer trend? Ultimate flex, last one to see an endling.

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Knowing influencers, they’ll emit a lot of carbon in the process of getting that “achievement”.

Removing them from the list seems dangerous. What if we’re wrong and they’re not extinct yet?

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Then the asshats who hunt down endangered species might stop, content in a job well done, and give the last few remaining a chance to recover? A short while ago, an extinct fish was found in a golf hazard after all, and while I can’t find the quote now, I remember an Austrailian official basically saying that due to the hunting threat, they could not confirm any rumors of the survival of the Tasmanian Tiger in a remote location.

I bet there’s already groundskeepers and club owners who are plotting to “accidentally” kill all the fish to avoid the environmental compliance restrictions from having a newly-endangered species living in their playground. I know that there are hunters who boast of eagerly searching for the tigers so they can properly extinguish the last smoldering embers of their existence, and get a unique trophy.


Sad news about the Bachman’s Warbler. I remember this as the bird that brought Dick Davenport of Doonesbury his immortality.


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