210 films stitched to 'sing' M.I.A.'s 'Paper Planes'

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I agree, the selections used for the various gunshot and cash register effects in the song are the strong point of this.

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aaaarh modernity

Also liked this song. Great samples from the Clash’s Straight to Hell.

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I don’t know the original song, but this was neat. I’ve spent too much of my life using movie quotes as conversation fillers, so this hits that need and does it far better than I could.


How does one even put this together?!? Are there savant people out there that just know every movie line ever this well? Or these days is there just some Shazam for movie scripts?


That was great. And also makes me feel like I’ve never actually done any real work on any project I’ve worked on in my life cuz I wouldn’t have the patience or fortitude to make this video a reality. It also made me realize that though I love ‘Paper Planes’ and have listened to it many, many times, I had no idea what half the lyrics were.

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I can’t speak to the actual creator, but Yarn does a damn good job giving me video clips of pretty much every line spoken in movies and television.

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