25c vending machine gives boy cocaine instead of toy


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hmm I need to go get some quarters. be right back.


And you thought it was bad to give your kid coffee


Somewhere, someone is extremely upset to discover that their shipment of coke is in fact merely a shipment of silly putty.


There’ll be some Wham-O involved.


“Yeah, that one with the cocaine? That’s totally not ours.”


By “bad rap” she means a lot of sketchy people showing up at the office asking for “silly putty”.


That’s quite a deal.



“Local boys will spend a quarter, just to shine the silver bowl.”


Then again, if police say that it tests positive for cocaine, it could also potentially be just about anything else. What do real labs say?


this was debunked last night.


“False alarm, everyone! It was just heroin.”


A) Who calls the police every time one of their kids’ toys breaks?
B) How bad was the drug test that it not only gave a false positive on the toy stuffing, but on the entire contents of the machine? Is it a ‘test’ that just always reports ‘cocaine’ no matter what it comes into contact with?
C) If the cops get cocaine and baking powder mixed up that often, it’s a good thing they didn’t end up working at a bakery.


The Daily Mail is usually on the receiving end of being debunked. Is there a more credible source?


Local news station:

Bell Gardens police statement:

So yeah, this really brings into question just how specific the PD’s “cocaine” tests are…

If I was a local defense lawyer, I’d be thankful for the windfall “So… your test concluded that the substance that my client was in possession of, was in fact cocaine?”


“And just how specific are these tests, I mean, I’m sure the jury has heard by this point of the false positive on the taqueria vending machine toy. Just how frequently do these tests report false positives?”


Yes, of course, how else?


We spent all night, um, testing the samples. Nothing.


How else do you think they can slap a “probably cause” sticker on literally anything they don’t like? They can’t just say they “smelled marijuana” every single time, sometimes there is a handy powder to point at.

They get away with literal murder, and this sort of dirty dealing seems quaint in comparison.


They’re as accurate as any other PD’s drug testing: not at all. Their procedures aren’t intended to discover the truth, they’re intended to provide an excuse to disenfranchise the poor.