$50K worth of cocaine baked into delicious cookies seized at US airport




And for sentencing purposes, the weight of the cookies will be added to the weight of the cocaine.

Also: How do we know they’re delicious? :wink:


We can probably assume that if they didn’t look tasty, they would have gotten through customs.


This explains why my grandmother’s cookies were so popular with musicians.



Actually, we only have some customs agent’s word there was any cocaine at all. Maybe they were just impounded for deliciousness.


A lot of those field tests are notoriously prone to false positives.


The real Nieman-Marcus $250 cookie.



Delivery services aint what they used to be. Whitney Houston ordered these ages ago.


Not reagent tests. Chemicals: they’re specific things.

Saliva tests often give false positives but a reagent test (i.e. what’s being used in this picture) is next to bulletproof. The only way you can get a false positive on a reagent test is if the testing apparatus itself has been contaminated.


I’m the one who bakes.

What my name?
Cookie Monster.
You damn right!


One of my favorite panels I ever saw was Clive Barker at a long ago SD Comicon. He was answering a question about how he came up with the name for his Books of Blood. Well, it turned out he’d gone to a party, and while he wasn’t a drug user, he did have a sweet tooth, and was hanging out in the kitchen when someone walked in with a plate full of homemade cookies. (I so wish people could actually hear him tell this story, but it was before people had camera phones.)

Anyway, she set down the cookies and told him, “Now those are special cookies!” and then wandered off.

He smelled them for a bit, and them promptly ate most of the plate.

She came back. “Where are the cookies!?”

His reply, “They were WONDERFUL!”

It was sometime that night he came up with the idea for Books of Blood.

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