Inside a Florida 'Cookie Monster' doll, 314 grams of cocaine found


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Always was suspicious of the Cookie Monster.


I heard he was involved in fisticuffs with Spider-Man in Times Square recently.


Explains when he eats the cookies…it’s the coke making him do it!!


The Muppet was set up. Coke doesn’t exactly have a reputation for causing binge eating. Bowie didn’t become the Thin White Duke by eating a fuckton of cookies.



Cookie Monster was framed. He doesn’t even like coke. Are we sure they didn’t simply misspell cookie?


I would have expected this from Oscar but, Cookie Monster? What the hell?


And yet, what they found was cocaine. Funny how that probable cause to search works.


Cocaine is a sometimes drug


checks cavity

“Well well well, what do have here? 3/4 of a pound of Peruvian Muppet Powder.”


Its not like we haven’t seen the times when cocaine and cookies met in a happy accident.

In 1981 the series Taxi dealt with the troubles of an immigrant mechanic and his grandmother’s recipe for cookies. Which were beloved by artists and musicians back in the day.


"Hey now our fun has been declared legal"
A not suitable for children quote from the misbegotten recent Muppet series

Hey don’t judge me. I just find this stuff on the web. I didn’t create any of it.


C is for Cocaine, it’s good enough for me
C is for Cocaine, it’s good enough for me
C is for Cocaine, it’s good enough for me, whoah!
Cocaine cocaine cocaine starts with C!


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a thread winner. ^^^^


man, I thought he was really kicking the cookie habit through pure willpower.


Wow that is some natural police: he knew how much the cookie monster puppet should weigh, and detected (by hand!) that it weighed about 300g too much, and therefore: coke! Plus he could smell the weed in the first place. All that natural police intuition meant he didn’t need a warrant. Oh, what colour was the driver again?


“The tint on the windows of the car was so dark the deputy could not see who was inside.”

Good thing he couldn’t possibly be profiling then.


Peter Jackson back in the day


Paperwork found inside the backpack indicated the backpack did belong to McNair

That’s some fine police work there, Lou.