3-hour cut of Dune

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Me likey!

The Spicediver fanedit ‘Alternative Edition Redux’ is my favorite cut of the movie

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I’m interested in hearing how this one compares to it.

Ideally, I’d watch both, but I have stuff to do.

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So let me get this straight. He took something that was 189 minutes too long and cut it in with something that was 176 minutes too long and something else that was 137 minutes too long and ended up with something that is 183 minutes too long?


I watched this the other night - there’s a good few scenes which are obviously cut from different formats or lower quality recordings. I’m no aficionado so my knowledge for comparison of various versions is lax - I thoroughly enjoyed watching it though.

One thing - what’s with the weird framerate issue? (I can see the same problem here on my work PC, so I doubt it’s an issue with my main desktop at home) It’s not quite a stutter, not quite low framerate, but it’s almost as if the framerate is consistently being lowered ever second or so - watch any smooth panning movement and you’ll see what I mean. Really took me a while to let my head watch the film without being distracted by the weird movement…

Maybe a sync issue form upscaling 25fps to 30fps on vimeo (numbers pulled from the ether, but you get what I’m trying to say).


Perhaps there is something wrong with me, I love Dune. Sure, it mangled Herbert, but less than his own kid managed to (or he managed to do later in the series, to be honest) Perhaps Dune exists for the rare confluence of Lynch fans, Dune fans, and fans of the best of Dino Delaurentis (Barbarella, and Flash Gordon, naturally).

Very rare is the day when I don’t mention that my name is a killing word.

I think next weekend is going to be devoted to copious amounts of spiced beer and super-extended epic cheese.


Watched this last week when it was posted on Digg.
Now if only they would give this the Blade Runner treatment.

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that guy looks like he does a lot of tantric yoga.

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I’m pretty sure it’s YWHWZilla that’s a killing word.

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Apparently one does not simply SCROLL into a Vimeo video. One must watch every second of it from the beginning no matter where the little scroll button is.

F Vimeo.

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I often have the same problem with other web-based video streamers as well. Sometimes I need to pause and restart a few times to view the bit I want. If that doesn’t work, I try to download it and watch it in VLC.

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I think the production nailed the “look” of Dune, but the story alterations (which are almost always necessary to convert a book into a story that will work as a movie) just… didn’t work for me.

I was hoping that someday there would be a top notch cut - take a superset of footage and then edit it down, not just “a few seconds cut” but a serious re-editing of the story itself, effectively creating a new movie. Preferably with custom-made supporting material (though mostly the kind of narrator/voice-over/diagram/screen exposition scenes where the original actors/props/miniatures wouldn’t be used even in the original). But I guess without a lot of original cutting-room-floor footage, there just isn’t enough footage to work with to make a good re-editing. :frowning:

So people who have seen this new cut - how does it stand as a movie? Is it interesting because it’s long, or is it interesting because it’s really good?

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That’s fair. I always say the Lynch version should be viewed as a supplement to the original book. Love it for the visuals and even the acting, but fill in the actual plot from memory.

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Are you implying that any cut of Dune is too long? If so, why would an alternate version of the same movie bother you?

Salvador Dali’s dead, dude. Time to give it a rest.

There are many problems inherent in adapting Dune to the big screen, but if length is one of them it is because it’s too short. It would really need to be a Lawrence of Arabia-style film that starts at 11am on a Sunday and runs into early evening.

I had an issue on iPlayer like that a few months ago.

Baleeted. That was disappointing; I’d only made it through an hour before it got the old takedown.

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Same. I think of it as nice illustrations, but I shouldn’t expect anyone who didn’t read the book to understand what’s happening. Especially the second half.

Oh the disparity between this and what could have been.

From what I saw of this new cut before it got yanked, it’s MUCH easier to follow. As in, almost good for kids (it starts waaay too slow for kids with a bunch of necessary-but-abstract exposition, while Star Wars by contrast launches right into the action).

Anyone have any ideas how to get a copy of the new cut now that it’s been pulled? I was quite enjoying it!