3 magazines that should exist


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I’m not a cosplayer, but Beaumaris and York are both pretty badass. would subscribe :smile:

I like the privelage mag, but I sometimes worry about the privilege checking requests, done mostly by young educated white people to other white people for obvious reasons, it is a risk they can take. It is a fun empowering thing which feels and may actually do some good. Unfortunately I worry what the effect will be long term when the privileged subdue their intolerance for PC but then rebound when they tire of that in critical mass.

CopyCat mag looks awesome. I can’t wait for NaNoGenMo 2014.

This could certainly exist as a “one-shot” - those books that printed magazine format, with or without ads, that only ever have one issue?

There’s a good-sized industry of generating texts commercially that would be fascinating to see more of. Betascript publishing, for example.

No way. The ruling class will never tire of self-criticism.

I used to read Privilege Quarterly, but as you can see from the cover they focus almost entirely on cultural appropriation now. That covers hardly any of the privilege I should be checking.


Somebody’s got to hold the banner high.

I used to subscribe to Cultural Appropriation Quarterly, but then it got bought out by the Nation Media Group and rolled into Taifa Leo.

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I would love to get a subscription to the Toast’s Dad Magazine.

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The Copycat Magazine apparently has subscribers worldwide.

Not so long ago I was trawling the darker side of the Net in search for free versions of overpriced technical literature, and stumbled on the Net over a book that I found I mostly wrote. “Frances Metzger - Failure Modes of Electronics”, from 2011, from some obscure Delhi publisher. It even has an ISBN.

Most of the content is copypasted from Wikipedia, quite high portion from the articles and article parts I wrote. (The 2011 version, as some got rather badly plowed over afterwards with a lot of information lost. Todo: edit it back.)

I decided to be flattered. Who knows, maybe the “incident” will sometime later give me enough confidence to write a book of my own…?

(Crossposted from here on advice.)

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