"Fantasy Magazine" returns after nearly a decade away

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Very excited about this, and I submitted a story when they opened their submissions queue yesterday. I hear they’ve already received over 400 submissions, so the demand is clearly there. We are at an ebb tide for markets to submit to, and many of the best ones remain closed for long periods because their needs fill up so fast. This helps fill a void left in the wake of magazines like Shimmer closing their doors (also good to note Apex is returning!)


Good luck! Or is it break a leg? Break a pencil?


If only Galaxy Science Fiction would also be revived.


Is there going to be a high-rez carbon-based distribution model, or will it be e-book only? The site gives every indication that Fantasy won’t be able to afford an actual magazine. Not trying to troll—I know I’m a luddite as far as silicon-based reading goes. But really not interested unless I can get a paper version.

The previous incarnation went digital only in 2007, so that will probably be the model this time as well. It’s really not cost effective for these smaller genre magazines to print physical editions. Advertising is all but gone for them, and their circulation sizes are too small.


Thanks—I appreciate your sincere reply. I did not know that they went digital-only in '07.

Even if only for the cover art.

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen this publication. I’ve been enjoying The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (aka FSF) since the 1970’s, which I find to be excellent. If anyone is familiar with both, how would you rate Fantasy Magazine?

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You’re welcome. And I totally feel you on this issue. I prefer print copies myself. But very few of them can manage it anymore. Most of them I get digital, with the exception of the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, which still prints a physical copy. I’m positive Asimov’s is physical as well, and there’s a few more. Some, like Clarksworld, are digital for each issue but put out annual print copies of their stories, too.

Well, fantasy basically merged into Lightspeed magazine during it’s hiatus. And Lightspeed is pretty well respected. I didn’t catch any of the original run from 2005 to 2012 though, so I can’t say for sure, but it did boast some rather good authors.

‘Cat Rambo’ might just be the coolest name ever.

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