300m copies of Minecraft sold

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Yep, I still play this game; modded only but it counts. I have a colleague who has purchased it maybe 6 times on various formats and devices so he and his kids can play together in different ways.


I came here to brag/confess that I bought it 5 times and you’d already beat me. (2 PC, 1 Wii U, 1 android, 1 for Gear VR)


Yes, it is “not even close” to the 520 million copies of Tetris sold.


Interesting. I’d say arguments that this is apples and oranges is a bit disingenuous as Minecraft has also been sold for various platforms and as various different editions over time so I think the comparison between the two is somewhat fair.


The 520m total is according to The Tetris Company and seems maybe a little optimistic, or at least unverifiable. The wikipedia article used as the source for Minecraft’s #1 spot puts Tetris at 148m, broken down as 100m mobile edition downloads by 2010, 40m NES copies and 8m GameBoy editions. But that’s definitely an undercount, as it doesn’t include the ~30m copies bundled with it. Tetris’ own article tallies 202m.

Guinness switched it to Minecraft a few years back—from Wii Sports!

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