Minecraft: The Complete Handbook Collection


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I think Thinkgeek sells these as well but individually. I’d suggest Amazon, and Scholastic whenever they have coupons out. Currently they have a daily deal on the Hogwarts Library, which i bought through them last year for my wife. Also a really good set :slight_smile:

I just want to own them as neat cultural artifacts: a four volume set for a game that has no official rules!

It boggles me how mainstream / commercial Minecraft has gotten.

That’s not a slam; I’m really glad that a game so creative and involving and non-licensed-media-driven has captured the enthusiasm of kids.

It is just freaky to me that a game LIKE that has spawned items you can find in the toy aisle of Fred Meyer. (Although, judging from the reaction of parents I overhead the other day, they may not sell many of them.)


It’s not even a cube. 0/10


Depends on what the minecraft merch is. I used to work retail until recently and kids really really love Minecraft apparel, backpacks, etc. Toys are a bit more niche, though the creeper plushes sold fairly well. And as far as i can tell by looking online this month for gifts the Lego minecraft sets are really popular.


Let me just warn people here. Aside from looking pretty (seriously, look inside one) and being a novelty item, this is an utter waste of cash. You’re better off reading an FAQ or something similar. Also, playing the game and learning from there instead.

It’s Minecraft, folks. It ain’t quantum mechanics.


Unless you happen to be using a mod for that. :smile:
Though in that case you probably won’t get what you need from these books either.

It’s digital lego. Who wouldn’t like that?

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Yea, but get three of these sets and some planks and you’ve got a bookshelf!


From an actual reference point of view I think you’re right, but my son has them and he uses them to pore over when he’s not playing minecraft, watching youtube videos about minecraft, drawing pictures of things from minecraft or writing stories about minecraft.


I’ve played the game, and gone to the wiki to learn more about crafting and using crafted items, but what fills four volumes? Is the game so much more complex than I’ve experienced by playing with it?

That depends?

Have you done much with making redstone devices and circuits? That can get pretty complex quick.

Yeah, my stepson is not a big reader and prefers (annoying, repetitive, loud) YouTube videos for his tutorials. But we’ve got three of these, and he will read them, so I’m happy.

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The parents in question didn’t sound down on Minecraft; I got the impression that they thought the licensed toys (swords and such, not the Lego sets) looked crappy.

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