303 Aerospace Protectant really preserves plastic and vinyl

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303 is fantastic stuff. I use it on interior plastics on my cars and the vinyl top on my Miata. It makes dashboards look like new and I’d recommend it to anyone trying to sell a car.

Unlike Armor-All it’s not greasy to the touch. It is a bit pricey but you don’t need much.

It seems to last longer if you spray it directly on the surface and then buff as opposed to spraying it into a cloth and then buffing with the cloth, not sure why.

I live somewhere that doesn’t get much UV damage on dashboards, so most interiors are in good condition - the 303 isn’t so much to protect it as to make it look much nicer and make it easier to clean.

Works great on fly fishing gear to minimize dirt build up and shed water. Does awesome things to the slickness of the fly line if used as part of cleaning routine–reduces so much friction it easily adds 10-20 feet to even average casts.

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Can only chime in with the other posts. This stuff really works.

What’s in it? How does it work?

Trade secret, but I can assure you that it is 100% natural.


I wonder if it would work to keep computer/headphone cables limber. They seem to dry out so quickly after being removed from whatever airtight packing they come in.

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probably. it seems to get absorbed into every plastic/rubberized/rubberish surface thing I apply it to.

some of that material is supernatural.

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Maybe full of this stuff.

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