Yup. Obenauf's Heavy Duty leather preservative is the way for me

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I will happily buy a used bike, but never a used jacket, boots, pants and doubly so for a helmet. And expensive is still cheaper than the ER bill if they have to do their job at protecting you.


I’ve tried it, but I still prefer Leather Therapy products.

Agreed. Obenauf’s is one of the best products I have ever used, period. When I was distilling full time the constant wet environment and exposure to alcohol was hell on my boots. The first time I used it, I was shocked at the immediate impact. My boots went from hardened, cracked saddle leather to kid glove softness nearly instantly. This was back when you had to order directly from the company or find it in an obscure shoe store. Over 15 years, I’ve only gone through 3 jars, but saved hundreds on boots. Apply to boots right out of the box and it will go a long way to preventing damage. I now replace my boots when the soles crack, not the leather.


$50 head gets a $50 helmet – However studies have shown that once you get DOT and CE approvals, more money into a helmet = more comfort and quiet, not more protection.

Jackets and body armor get better the more you spend. If I am doing more than running around town on surface streets I wear my Helite airbag.

Boots and gloves should not be skimped on either.

I’ve meant to do a “Jason’s version of ATGATT” post but that is like inviting negativity into my living room.


I decided to give it a try on my gear, thanks to your prior mention.

I too am sold on the way it works wonders on the leather. Nearly makes my gloves weather-proof when riding in the occasional downpour.


Oh, and thanks for the Lenny and Squiggy vid! Now I’m off to hunt down some Lenny and the Squigtones songs…

EDIT: Here’s a good one:

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Obligatory “Obenauf’s is for things that are outside constantly and/or get wet on the regular but not for the Red Wings you wear once a week and otherwise baby” disclaimer.

I overconditioned a pair of Iron Rangers using Obenauf’s and destroyed them. Will be sticking to Venetian balm applied conservatively in the future.

Yeah my last lid was a Scorpion which meets all the safety but cheaper than an Arai. I did try on the nicer ones and ooh if I was going be doing all day rides often the comfort would be worth the extra $200.

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For the good shoes - that you really love - it’s Saphir Medaille d’Or Renovator.

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This headline is the weirdest clickbait for speakers of German I’ve seen in a long time, and I cannot retranslate what my brain just hiccuped.

Holy hell, the pictures. Casanova would be so into this.

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Beat me to it.
A leather jacket is not the first thing that comes to mind when I read “preservative”.


I am relieved that I wasn’t the only One to think It was a weird sm accessory.


Well, technically

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Oh no. I was a victim of a false cognate!

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I have a really unique problem and this might help solve it…

So I basically fetishize antique machinery, and through a series of complex events I now have about 100 lb of 100 year old solid quarter inch thick leather line shaft belting from a historical machine shop.

I have some equipment that can run off of it but honestly I’m just thinking of trying to figure out how to clean the hundred years of machine shop oil and grit off these belts, some of which are over 10 ft long, and much of it looks dry rotted. I got the stuff thinking it would look cool hanging from the wall as decoration or something or maybe make a person belt of it

Has anyone used this stuff on leather that looks like a long dried up field of mud, cracked in the sun?

The company’s name doesn’t really help not having this association. Or mixing German and English in parsing the semantics.

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Yes. You should never try to buy an “Obenauf Lederpräservativ” if you ever come to Germany.
I don’t know what exactly you will get (except of some really weird looks) but it won’t be what you’d expect…

In that case you might be better of with olive or avocado oil because it’s more cleaning/restauration than a typical preservation job. Avocado oil might be a little expensive but I heard it was the best thing you can do to leather.



TM MC is in the house?
Run for the hills. Run for your life!

(FTR, at least not “Weiner”, and even the diacritic is correct.)

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