Pecard, an incredible leather dressing (review)




Excellent review! Thanks for sharing. Just two nights ago I was looking at my weathered motorcycle jacket, wondering about the best way to treat the leather. Perfect timing.


I have a black leather couch that is starting to show its age. Is this something I could use to restore some of the color? I’m certainly interested in this…


the black should work. You’ll want to be damn sure its dry before sitting on it!


Pecard is okay, but I’d recommend Bickmore Bick #4 (and other products) over it any day. The #5 gives a good pre-cleaning if you need it, #4 is the hard core conditioner. It’s more of a liquid and goes on faster, cleans deeply while working (it is made for saddles and horse gear), and lasts a long time. Just sent an 18 year old leather jacket back to manufacturer for a new liner, and they were stunned when they looked up its age. Hardly any signs it has aged at all with annual treatments of #4. Use it on hiking boots that slop through midwestern snow and rain, cowboy boots that get worn daily spring-fall, and the leather car seat the dog sits on daily.


Will it work on me?

“You used to seem so well faded and dried-out. Now you look so beautifully worn-in. What’s your secret?”



I’ve not tried Pecard, but I’ve had excellent results on some tough cases with Leather Therapy products:


I am very curious to hear how it looks in a week, month, 3 months. I’ve got closets full of riding jackets, racing leathers, etc. and have tried many many products. I keep coming back to Kiwi Mink Oil, not because it is my favorite, but because it is cheap enough to keep re-applying.

Let us know how Pecard looks after some wear


Endurshed by Capjan Zjun Loobk Pecard?


I don’t want my old MC jacket to look brand new with black dye, just preserved with all it’s lovely hard earned scuffs and battle scars. Clear it is.


Make it sew.


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