The Classic Lego Space Flight Jacket


“Shut up and take my money” doesn’t seem to carry the required weight of statement required for this situation.


The Angelus paints are amazingly effective, and very reasonably priced. They have great coverage and stay flexible. I’ve painted a few pairs of shoes (including a pair of black/white spectators I wore in my wedding), and never used more than about 0.25oz to cover a pair, even when putting white paint over black leather.

This is a weird question, but this post seems like a good place to ask: Could you tattoo leather, and what would the results be like?

I frequently appreciate various pop culture/nostalgia-themed items of clothing, without having much of a desire to actually own or wear them. For one thing, they are usually t-shirts (or tights, or hoodies, or kilts, etc.) and therefore not coherent with my “look.”

But this… I want it bad.


The funny thing about this is that I already have the stencils cut out to do this. In fact, I’ve had the stencils cut out for years.

That’s how good this instructable is.

I’d probably never do this project, yet I found it incredibly satisfying to know exactly how it is done.

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I’m kinda guessing here, but i think tattooing has to do with generating scar tissue. Leather being dead, i dont think it would work.

+1 would wear

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I never thought I’d ever need a leather bomber jacket, but it turns out that I do.

Hmm. I thought it was just about injecting ink, not scar tissue. Interesting.

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