Leather wristband ruler


Don’t want to be a buzKill but leather is pretty much the worst material for making a ruler. Well. 2nd. The first being skin.


Wouldn’t this stretch over time?

Although I guess it would be more accurate than my terrible guesses, even if it was stretched a bit.

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Now I can measure stuff while I’m shooting up. Yay!


I’d wager that licorice and meat are even less satisfactory.

Easy to make on a laser cutter, it seems.

Likely would. But that’s what occasional checks against a metal or even plastic ruler are for.

Thought for a tattoo. Some kind of a dye that can be switched between colored and colorless, e.g. by heating to 42’C (or some other temperature tolerable by the skin for a short time but not usual to encounter in places other than sauna) and applying a laser pulse, or applying two different wavelengths of laser, or so. Some kind of a bistable structure. Use it to tattoo a large solid area.

Then the tattoo could be erased and renewed, as desired.

Aren’t they both the same thing?


I imagine that TSA will be confiscating lots of these. Thou shalt have no ruler other than The Most Exalted Paranoia!

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Not exactly. I think the main difference is the tanning step.

This was in Canada, rather than the 'States (of Fear®), so make of it what you wan’t, but some time ago, I was going through security at an airport and the commissionaire pulled my vernier calipers out of my carry-on case… Oops! I apologized profusely. The older commissionaire next to him looked at them, turned to me and asked me: "Are you a technician? -Yes,"I replied. “It’s Ok,”, he said, turning to the first one, “it’s a ruler.”

I thanked him, apologized again ('cuz, y’know, Canajan, eh), and continued to the boarding gate.


What the tanning step may look like:


I have an amazing technology for you:


I love this tattoo and I’m seriously considering getting one that also shows cm, but I feel it necessary to mention that these tattoos are also popular with several subsets of gay and leather culture, specifically those people interested in “handballing.” I’ll leave it to the reader to google that term, preferably from their home computer.

Source: Many nights spent in LGBTQ-friendly bars around town. An education priceless beyond compare.


Excuse me while I whip this out.

(Blazing Saddles)

Bike chain links are exactly 1/2" center to center. Bike chain also looks pretty badass as a bracelet. A quick-link is much more fiddly to remove one-handed than a snap though. You might be able to file out an outside link just enough to have it hold securely but still snap open one-handed.

Don’t use old chain though - the pins wear, so the chain effectively ‘stretches’

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I find it more useful to just know how long and wide different body parts are. My fingers, palms, and forearm are more stable over time than my skin will be.


I can think of a body part that tends to change dimension periodically and may make for a poor ruler. Mind you, the changes are less frequent now than they were in my youth.

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But I’ll bet you’ve measured it.

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