Unfortunate tattoos: Kevin Spacey edition


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What more to say than… Why?



Could always have it modified. Turn it into a luchador!


This one’s still good:


These are the only truly “safe” tattoos:
image image image


My own: Both safe AND functional! ( o_o)-b



American Beauty in four words:

Got pot. Got shot.


Funny, I’ve got an 8" ruler always on me as part of my Leatherman tool, it probably cost less than that tattoo, and can be places your forearm can’t. It’s got metric too!


I cannot tell you how many tape measures I’ve lost in my lifetime. Easily 50. And I work in a place where leathermans are highly-iffy if not verboten. Or I’m on my way to a nice dinner and remembered I needed to pick up a new stopper for the shower or whatever.

Next investment will be a metric ruler just above. :slight_smile:


Came here to suggest this. Good to see you’re already thinking along these lines. :slight_smile:


At least this isn’t regrettably poorly done tattoo art (even though the second to last one looks more like Daniel Craig to me than Kevin Spacey).


For a moment I thought you were talking about your penis.


Even less useful for measuring something at Home Depot than a scale on a forearm. Accuracy would be hell depending on how excited you were about your purchase.


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