Iconic film/TV characters 'shooped with tattoos


Ha, Spock’s expression is always tops. “Shirt’s off, yeah, stupid Natzi be jelly”

Yeah, it doesn’t work.


I always figured Spock as the guy who would get something done on his face.

Check out some of the others, Jack Nicholson’s definitely worked, along with many of the others. Some are jsut sommentary, like Miley’s Cyrusesese

Jackie Kennedy is now the modern hipster.

Thought that was Maple Baby, had to do a triple take to see it wasn’t.

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Screw you internet! From hell’s heart I stab at thee!

I rather like many of these. Monroe, Winonna, Twain, Bardem, Gandolfini and others.

The face tattoos seem to not work as well…

Everyone realizes that this is Bieb’s head shopped onto Miley’s body, right? (In addition to shopped tattoo).

I’d pay a dollar for a Jesus.

I dunno. Have they ever been seen in the same room together?


Like a permanent eyebrow arch?

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It seems they also 'shopped weird bangs and pointy ears onto Leonard Nimoy. Oh, wait…

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If it wasn’t for the lips and teeth…their noses are also different… but on a superficial level, if you had to describe one of them to the police…

Oh, just… ick.

Meh, a waste of Photoshop time IMO. Pretty boring Tumblr and not particularly creative.

I am Jack’s confused frontal lobe.

What would be a lot more interesting is the reverse. Take someone who is tattooed and remove them. Since a lot of tattoos are no different than dazzle camouflage you’d get to see the real person underneath all that ink.

I’ve yet to see a single tattoo that makes someone look better, instead of trashy.

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