Artist photoshops away the tattoos of ex-gang members

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Besides being just an awesome idea for a project, I give this guy mad props for his Photoshop skills. Retouching large areas of skin and keeping it looking realistic and natural is one of the hardest things to do, and he’s brilliant at it.


all he’s got to do now is photoshop on some dress slacks and a collared shirt and they’ll be ready for the workforce

That’s pretty good photoshopping.

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This makes me kinda’ sad.


He got rid of my family’s face tats:


As a person who pushes pixels for a living, I was thinking the exact same thing. Top notch work.


For the most part I like the tattoos these people have. They don’t appear to be offensive and look well done. The neck and face tattoos bug the hell out of me however.

It does sound like some of the participants do regret the tattoos however and that is sad for various reasons.

Chest tube scar not photoshopped out, yeah, mad skills.

I concur.

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It’s… well… the thing that I see in these photos is the path not taken.
Taking these people to essentially before they got their tattoos is kind of like giving them their
choices back , which, of course they can’t have.
It’s not sad because of what they did decide, but only because those choices are in the past.

Or… maybe I’m just sad.

“hey, I spent ten years getting a whole bunch of tattoos to tell the world I am a bad motherfucker. Now I don’t want people to think I’m a bad motherfucker anymore, but my body keeps telling them that I am.”

I’ll try not to cry myself to sleep, 'kay?

Dangit, I still don’t think I have the hang of this.



Well done, you’ve put your finger on it.

These guys are all ex-gang members who do work with Homeboy Industries, a group that works with people who’ve left gangs and want to work in the community to do outreach and charity work to help rebuild their communities and talk to kids who might be attracted to the gang life. Many of them regret what their tattoos symbolize and have them removed (a service that Homeboy Industries provides to a lot of them).


i wish she had done the dogs too… or is it that cruelty to animals

shocker: In 2011, 31% of employers nationwide told job website Career Builder that having a visible tattoo would hinder a candidate’s likelihood of being promoted. Earlier this year, Army Regulation 670-1 enforced new rules prohibiting soldiers from displaying tattoos on the head, face, neck, wrists, hands and fingers.

anyone remember this guy’s story?

Now that employers in some states are not allowed to ask applicants about prior arrest records, the presence of neck or face tattoos has become a surrogate for those questions.

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Many people who go in for massive tattoos, whether on their own or as a member of a subculture, seem to share a desire to freak out the normals.

Which is okay by me, as long as they are willing to accept the consequences of freaking out the normals, in every social and employment setting, until the day they die.

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Hmm…a strong two-color design…and that “A” is a bit off-center…maybe he could get a job with Starbucks?

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I don’t think you really understand the meaning or purpose behind prison/gang tattoos. It’s not the same thing, at all, as a suburban teen who decides to get a cheeseburger on their face in a moment of drunkeness to freak out the normals or piss off their parents. For gang members, the tattoos are earned through levels of membership, deeds accomplished, etc, and are visible badges of honor and membership while in the gang. These people who’ve left gang life behind and are working to make amends are quite happy to also be able to remove those useless old symbols they’re ashamed of. I don’t know why they should “accept the consequences until the day they die” unless you just like the idea of punishing people you don’t know.