LA Sheriff's deputy removed a colleague's gang tattoo by shooting it

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Some background reading:


LA Sheriff’s deputy removed a colleague’s gang tattoo by shooting it

I do not believe that I have a criticism of this particular method.


The existence of LASD gangs isn’t even an open secret anymore. It’s just not a secret. I don’t understand how this is allowed to continue. Surely there’s sufficient evidence of RICO violations or something that would give either the State of California or the feds the authority to come in and take over the department? There has to be a way to fix this. There was a time when the Kansas City PD was owned and operated Tom Pendergast and his gang. They fixed that by putting the KCPD under the control of a board of commissioners appointed by the governor. There have been a couple of recent efforts to return the KCPD to local control, but they have failed. Right now, the LASD reports to no one except their own elected Sheriff. Maybe it’s time to change that.


You do understand they weren’t doing that because he was in the gang. They were all in the gang. They did that because he tried to alter the tattoo. This was a warning to him and others: toe the line or suffer the consequences. It’s terrorist behavior.


Form gangs? Law enforcement - as it is currently implemented in this country - is a legally sanctioned gang.

  • Moniker: many officers have one given by their peers
  • Gang attire: uniforms and badges - including stickers, flags, and other items to ensure they are seen as part of the group - to the point non gang members also use these symbols to support and by association be left alone by them
  • Hand signs:
  • Weapons: they all carry
  • Tattoos: This story
  • Gang slang: they have their own code to use to obfuscate what they are talking about to anyone who doesn’t know.

They fit the bill


Yeah, this isn’t surprising to me any more. If LA County wants a sheriff’s department it needs to burn down the current one and rebuild from scratch.


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Sure, but there are distinct, named gangs within the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.


When cops do it, it’s not illegal.


I’m ok with criminal gangs owning entire police forces in LA so long as they sometimes shoot each other too!



If it is a career ending injury, I guess the ends justify the means.

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If I am understanding this right, the messed up part is that some deputy decided that they did not want to be part of this gang anymore (or at least didn’t want to have a tattoo advertising such an affiliation) and was mutilated by a fellow gang member as punishment for their disloyalty.




This is an issue they need to deal with by expelling anyone with these gang style tattoos. This has been tolerated within LASD for decades. Some Federal judge just needs to tell the department, no one with such a tattoo can do law enforcement work. I can’t believe all the excuses that have been made for this over the years.


Where are you getting the idea he no longer wanted to be in the gang? You made me RTFA and all I could find was:

The tattoo was shot off because an unauthorized change had been made to the design

That could be anything, an added embellishment, some coded mark signifying an honor he didn’t earn. Who knows.

It also said:

He is also the son of Bob Jonsen, the current sheriff of Santa Clara County and a former captain of the Lancaster sheriff’s station. Bob Jonsen is also alleged to be a member of the Grim Reapers deputy gang according to several sources, which he has denied.

Apple not too far from the tree? So I am chalking this up to “when assholes collide”.

Sorry the CA tax payers are going to give this guy $56,166/yr in annual disability pension, but at least this goon isn’t on the streets as a cop.


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Could be. I guess I was just inferring from limited information. Clearly no one in this story should have been allowed to serve in law enforcement.