Iconic film/TV characters 'shooped with tattoos

Maybe they don’t get them to look better to you.


No, they get them because they think it makes them “cool” and a “rebel”. These things are on the inside, you can’t fake them with ink.

I don’t have any tats but I see them as just one of the many valid forms of personal expression, like clothing or hair styles or jewelry or home decor or choice of vehicle. I guess everyone could forgo all those things and rely on personality alone, but speaking as a visual designer that sounds like pretty dull place to live.


I wear the simplest clothes possible, have a zero maintenance haircut, no piercings etc, and buy cars based on reliability. I guess all that stuff seems like being fake to me. I don’t see decorating yourself as expressing anything. Home decor I don’t mind, I don’t equate that with myself.

In addition, tattoos are permanent, so it’s like saying you will never change or improve yourself.

Here you go, use this.

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And just imagine how wonderful the world would be if everyone else you knew did exactly the same thing.


On the plus side, I just learned my dad comments on BoingBoing.

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Why are they all sitting in a row? I picture them advancing rocket science and exploring the universe. You know, expressing themselves in ways that actually achieve something.
The number of people being “unique” with tattoos today, I picture them all sitting in a row, thinking about how special they are.

I make video games for a living, son. Expressing yourself externally is art. Decorating yourself is egotistical preening. IMHO.

I am inkFREE (by choice).

You know the H stands for “humble,” right?

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Picture whatever you want, but in real life the “rocket scientists exploring the universe” thing and the “expressing yourself through personal appearance” thing aren’t mutually exclusive.

There are exceptions for everything. I think in most cases, tattoos and piercings indicate a shallow mind.

I don’t know, I kind of think Spock would go for geometric shapes over flowers. Something that would indicate a basis in maths and physics and link to his logical Vulcan heritage and his scientific background.

… I’m giving this way too much thought.

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