Creepy and amazing tattoo and haircut combo


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It is so hard to believe a real person really did this to their real head!


Retired bengali woodcutter?


At least he can grow hair out to cover it if when he figures out how awful it looks.


That is un-necessary.


but it is real easy to believe a real person humored their 7 year old a bit too much.


I call fake! That’s a Wooly Willy!


When he does let it grow in, I hope he takes a series of time-lapse photos.


Am I the only one who thinks that’s awesome?!


i think it is awesome as well. keeping the hair cut like that shows some dedication to pulling it off. i want to see a lot more humans do a lot more unique things, the more the better. :+1:


I like it. It’s silly, yet awesome.


And when he turns bald, tattoo face won’t have eyebrows. Sad.


Me too, but this doesn’t really qualify.


Saw a youngish gentleman at the San Rafael, CA 4th of July parade (I go for the tanks =) who had a shaved head with tattoos all over his noggin right where his hair would be. Didn’t get close enough to see/read anything specific. Had a (somewhat tattooed) wife and kid (too young for tattoos methinks). different strokes, different folks.

I have a question tho, are we sure this isn’t paint? Is it possible to tattoo white ink? I guess jamming opaque stuff under your skin is possible, but I’m a tattoo tyro, so… the eyes show whites? just back from 10 seconds of googling and indeed white can be tattooed tho it seems a pretty subtle thing (more like scarification). Even saw an example of a black light tattoo?


Bought lots of jackets with collars opening on both sides, expect to go thru chemo, may as well go all-in.
Bouncer who falls asleep against walls?
Graphics arts persona introductions.
Terry Pratchett film unionisto?
Client request?


Maybe this is a clever variation on the technique of wearing a mask on the back of one’s head to deter tiger attacks.

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