Fantastic fix of crappy Pikachu tattoo

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Needs more Norman Rockwell.

I love that Pikachu drinks Tsing Tao beer while painting.


… almost looks more like a Heineken.

Why would someone with significant leg hair choose to put a tattoo where it will be obscured once the shaved hair grows back in? Serious question.

It’s a terrific fix. I like that the beer gives an excuse for Pickachu’s efforts, but I think he’s just showing some whimsy.


Maybe the tattoo was acquired before the leg became significantly hairy?

It may not be shaved; it could be a sock line. He may usually wear tall socks to cover the tattoo, and the socks can prevent hair growth. Of course, if true and he stops wearing tall socks to show off the tattoo, he may have to start shaving.

I’d love to hear the story behind the original tattoo. And I really hope it’s not just “I went to a crappy tattoo artist”.

Surprisingly, Northmapton appears on no maps at all, and is sometimes confused for Northampton, a charming little city that I haven’t been to in so long that for all I know might not be charming anymore.

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